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Food in HC?


New Fish
Jan 19, 2015
I'm great at parkour, and it's pretty easy in HC, but the problem I'm getting is that I run out of food very quickly and never get the chance to finish. I'm probably just being an idiot and there's a way to get food, but I have no clue how. Can someone help?


No-Life At Parkour
Aug 1, 2014
You cant have food in hc, otherwise it wouldnt be Hardcore :p


Minr Admin
Oct 28, 2013
"Then how are you supposed to complete it if you never get any food? You'll starve to death."

The maps are carefully designed so that they are completable by starting with a full health-bar. If you had unlimited food, Hc1 would be much easier, but by limiting your food/heals until you complete the first three sections changes the difficulty, and that was something that was considered when putting HC together.

In short, sorry, but no food in HC, it makes it more difficult.


Aug 8, 2014
Hj I'll give you a hint, the cps in the hc system are for you to save your progress without Dying and having to start from square one


Nov 5, 2013
Besides the things that everyone else said, I'd like to add that in Minecraft it's impossible to "starve to death".


Aug 8, 2014
So, hj do you get the general idea me and the others are trying to say?

No food, use the cps, and you cannot die of hunger.