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Food In Survivor

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Lemony Girl
Apr 30, 2020
I understand that the mechanic is collecting food like you are foraging, but there doesn't seem to be a real point to it for two reasons. 1. It causes immense lag everytime you /kill because of all the fish everywhere, and 2. There's infinite food, so why wouldn't you sit there getting it, causing everything to be even laggier. My point is there is no point to the food.


Active Player
May 18, 2020
Disagree, there are several parts, for example the section just after the jungle, in which you often lose all your food and have to do things in limited jumps. It also fits thematically quite well. I have never had lag issue with it (although I've never used more than 4-5 stacks maximum, because any more than that is just overkill), so I happen to be in favor of keeping the food.


Active Player
Feb 27, 2016
I’d heavily dislike if the food was removed because:
a) the map is called survivor, and I find collecting food to add to the whole “you’re a survivor” kinda vibe.
b) food was removed in all (most) maps because of lag yes, but most of the heavy food spam was done by whities, and typically it’s only greens+ (with a few outliers) playing the black maps so someone purposely causing lag in survivor is quite low.
c) The worry and challenge of no food in some areas makes the map harder and better.

I heavily dislike this suggestion as I think the food adds to the map, however I understand where you are coming from :)


Board Grandpa
Jul 26, 2016
Implemented some measures to reduce the possibility of the map being used for entity spamming. Outside of that, we will take no action at this time.
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