Framed Glitch

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New Fish
Sep 19, 2021

I found a glitch in framed last night, where when working on the final puzzle when you switch between the colours and arrows this affects the whole map. I didn't realise this but there were other people working on other puzzles in the map at the same time, and when I had the final puzzle set to colours they weren't able to move any of the arrows for any of the other puzzles or examples on the map, but once I switched it back to arrows the other puzzles worked normally again..

I don't think this is a huge issue as it only happens in a very specific scenario (i.e. someone using colours on the final puzzle while someone else is working on another puzzle elsewhere in the map) but thought it was worth reporting anyway, especially since there's quite a lot of blues playing framed at the moment through HC.
Not open for further replies.