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Gravity: A Minr Dropper Collaborative Event

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Tree Hugger
Mar 1, 2020
Presenting Gravity: A Minr Dropper Collaborative Event

Hello everyone! I think many of us can all recall a moment on the server where a player asks us “Where are the droppers?” “What’s the code for Dropping 2?” and “How do you drop in The 256 Drop?”. A desire for more Dropper maps is present throughout the server. This event will allow green+ members to contribute a highly requested map type to the server. As this is taking place over the holiday season many of us may find ourselves with more free time than during the fall or spring while others may be focused on being at home with friends and family. For this reason, we wanted to create 2 unique ways of participating in Gravity, one with a high level of commitment and one with a low level of commitment.

The first thing though is, what is a Dropper?
A Dropper requires the player to jump from a high place and land safely at the bottom without dying to fall damage. A small pool of water is often used as the goal for players to land in. While falling, the player will encounter obstructing obstacles that make landing in the water difficult. Once the player lands safely, the Dropper is considered completed and the player must go to the exit.

Now, the 2 main ways of participating in Gravity:

#1. Create your own full Dropper map:

This method is for if you want to participate at a high level in this collaboration. Create your own, full-fledged, themed Dropper map. These maps will be submitted through the standard Board process and will be released to FFA as they come. (Please indicate that the map is for Gravity in the map submission thread) The maps will also be added to the unique Gravity hub as well as the Dropper section at spawn. If the map is submitted by the deadline and released to FFA, the creator(s) will be rewarded with a unique Title (TBD) as a thank you for creating a full map.

General Info about Method #1:
  • In order for these maps to qualify as part of Gravity, they must be submitted by the February 1st deadline.
  • In order for these maps to qualify as part of Gravity, they must be in the defined build area, accessible through /warp gravity.*
  • Full maps may include puzzle elements, as seen in The 256 Drop and Dropping 2, but the map must primarily be Dropper based.
  • These maps can be any difficulty that you would like it to be.
  • You may work with as many other people as you would like in creating the map, all creators will receive the reward.
  • This is full creative freedom, create something awesome!
#2. Create one unique Dropper level that will be added to the collaborative map, Gravity:

This method is for if you want to participate at a low level in this collaboration. Create a singular dropper level of unique design. These unique levels will be combined with other submitted levels to create a purple variable map with X amount of stages. If the level is submitted by the deadline, the creator(s) will be rewarded with a unique Anvil Hat as a thank you for creating a level.

General Info about Method #2:
  • Each stage of Gravity will be immediately accessible to all players in FFA.
  • Hosts will determine the actual format of the Gravity map after the event concludes.
  • Hosts will also construct a unique hub for these stages to go in when the map releases.
  • The hosts will determine whether or not the levels/stages are FFA ready.
  • These levels must be submitted by the February 1st deadline in order to be included in the Gravity map.
  • These levels must be built inside the defined build area to be included in Gravity, accessible through /warp gravity
  • You may work with as many people as you would like to create a level. All creators will receive the reward.

#2a. Map Requirements for Dropper Levels:
  • Levels must have a title, a map code, a start sign, and a spot for the end sign. The end sign may be off to the side, but please don’t make the player extensively search for it. This end sign will teleport the player back to /warp gravity while the event is in progress.
  • Landing safely must be intuitive to the player. The most common way is by having the player land in water. You may use other techniques, such as ladders, scaffolding, and cobwebs, but it should be obvious what the player is aiming for.
  • Levels must be pure Dropper. Please do not add the ability to parkour down a Dropper level or a puzzle element.

#2b. Submitting a Dropper Level:
  • Please use THIS THREAD to submit Dropper levels. Simply reply to this thread using the following format to submit your level.
  • Use the “Info” section for anything that you would like to say about the map. Ex. A description, what difficulty you think it is.
  • “Start Coords” are the approximate location of the start sign of the level.
  • “End Coords” is the approximate location of the end sign. While the event is in progress, the end signs will teleport players back to /warp gravity.
  • Once your level is submitted, a host will add your level to /warp gravity for other players to play/test.
Dropper Title:

Dropper Map Code:

Dropper Creator(s):

Start Coords:

End Coords:


Time Limit:
You may submit your dropper map or level from now until February 1st your local time.

  • In order to make dropper creation easier for you guys, Ricky and Hex have set up a test server where you can use WorldEdit to create your droppers. Your creations from this test server will be transferred over to the Gravity build area using schematics. This can be used to create both full dropper maps and dropper levels. You do not have to use this test server to create your levels/maps, it is simply for those that want to use WorldEdit. You can access this test server through gravity.minr.org. NOTE: The event server has a whitelist. To gain access, simply ask one of the event organizers or reply to Hex’s thread with that request: https://forums.minr.org/threads/gravity-event-server-information.4853/
/warp gravity:
  • This will take you to the designated build area in Theta. We have created a large area and removed all the terrain down to Y = 1, this means that you will have the maximum Y length to work with while you build. All levels must be built inside of this defined area in order to be included in Gravity. All full maps must be built in this area in order to be included in Gravity.*
    • *If you would like to build a full map in another unique location, such as the End or over certain biomes, you do not have to build in the defined area. Please verify with a host before you begin building if you wish to do this. If you can, build in the defined area.
  • You may submit as many full maps as you please.
  • You may submit as many levels as you please.
  • Please feel free to reach out to a host if you need help finishing a level or a map, we’d be happy to help!
Lethal fall damage height is 24 blocks.
  • Max build height is Y = 256
  • Average Dropper height used in current Minr Dropper Maps:
    • Dropping 2: 200 blocks
    • The 256 Drop: 50-100 blocks
    • Nightmare: 150-200 blocks

The Super Cool™ Hosts for Gravity:
  • Autre
  • Bailey06
  • spolendina
  • TheHexer

This was a lot of information but we hope that this post will be proactive in answering any questions you may have. With the announcement of the event, comes the opening of the build area. We can't wait to see the gravity defying builds you create. Have a great holiday season!

- Hosts

If your level is on this list, it has been successfully added to the Gravity warp for playtesting and will be included in Gravity:
- Cranium by Autre
- Invasion by CreamGoblin
- Cosmic Drop by pieceofcheese
- Down The Rabbit Hole by Mercata
- Depths by Shpeckly
- Recurring Nightmare by Mercata
- High-Tech Dig by SomePunWithChloe
- Challenger Deep by Big_Big_So_Big
- Glimmer by MarstaVidar

If your map is on this list, it has been successfully submitted by the deadline, has been added to the Gravity Warp for playtesting, and will be included in the Gravity event. Remember, your map MUST be published to earn the reward. These go through the standard Board process. Maps are:
- Shapes! by SomePunWithChloe
- Dimensions by zomtato
- Colorfall by FraiseFramboise
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Tree Hugger
Mar 1, 2020
Alright y'all, I'm gonna kick us off with Dropper Levels. Please feel free to use this one as a reference.

Dropper Title: Cranium

Dropper Map Code: crm

Dropper Creator(s): Autre

Start Coords: 5411 155 -6579

End Coords: 5409 4 -6586

Info: Wanted to give y'all a reference level in case you need it. Not very difficult. Same style as Psyche. This level is also already playable at /warp gravity, have fun!


Nightmare Connoisseur
Jul 20, 2020
Just placeholder-ing this for now. :3

Dropper Title: Down the Rabbit Hole

Dropper Map Code: dtrh

Dropper Creator(s): Mercata

Start Coords: 5188 238 -6792

End Coords: 5172 5 -6794

: Take the plunge down the rabbit hole and beyond giant wonders in this Alice In Wonderland-inspired dropper level.
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Tree Hugger
Mar 1, 2020
Happy New Year Minr!

There is 1 Month left to submit a Dropper Level or Dropper Map. The deadline for these submissions is February 1st, your local time.

For information of how to use gravity.minr.org , a test server where you can use WorldEdit for your creations, check out Hex's thread here: https://forums.minr.org/threads/gravity-event-server-information.4853/

If you haven't started building yet, it's not too late to start! Check out the forum thread above and Hex's thread for all the Gravity Event Info. You can also find the official build area at /warp gravity . Please feel free to reach out to myself or another Host if you need any help.

We look forward to seeing your creations!


always in a Gouda mood
Oct 28, 2013
Title: Cosmic Drop

Map code: cdr

Creator: Pieceofcheese

Start coords: 5229 251 -6498

End coords: 5230 2 -6481

Info: Well this looks familiar.


Nightmare Connoisseur
Jul 20, 2020
Placeholdering again, but I am very much on pace to complete a 2nd dropper. :3

Dropper Title: Recurring Nightmare

Dropper Map Code: rcn

Dropper Creator(s): Mercata

Start Coords: 5213, 220, -6767

End Coords: 7035, 64, -2519

Info: The clown cave? You haven't seen this since the Nightmare Fuel™ trial all those months ago. Of all the nightmares to have recur, this is the one you least wanted to see.
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Jan 5, 2020
Title: Depths

Map Code: dps

Creator: Shpeckly

Start Coords: 5288 154 -6542

End Coords: 5287 3 -6567

Info: This design was originally something used in a project between Moist and I, but after it was abandoned, I wanted to bring it back with this dropper. This will most likely be one of the easier droppers (comparable to cranium). Enjoy!


cream gobblin
Apr 23, 2017
Dropper Title: Invasion

Dropper Map Code: Inv

Dropper Creator(s): CreamGoblin

Start Coords: 5673 234 -6542

End Coords: 5645 195 -6542

Info: Set your engines to hyperdrive and maneuver through the threats of space.
As for implementation, there are many places you can jump down and get a better angle and I have no idea how to physically fix it. If someone could make it so they start with low health or put kill scripts or whatever on the obvious jump downs.


Lemony Girl
Apr 30, 2020
Dropper Title: High-Tech-Dig

Dropper Map Code: HTD

Dropper Creator: Is Me: SomePunWithChloe aka UltraOmiga aka Chloe

Start Coords: 5393, 237, -6400

End Coords: 5395, 59, -6401

Info: A high tech dig gone awry, jump down from the forlorn temple above into the dig site!
I really wanted to attempt to make a white dropper and I believe I succeeded, but if there is anything I need to buff or nerf, please lmk!
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Tree Hugger
Mar 1, 2020
Hello everyone! February 1st is quickly approaching and we wanted to give y’all one last reminder as well as ending event details. Also, it’s never too late to start making a dropper level! Check out the first post on this thread for all that information!

- The last day to import from the test server will be Saturday, January 30th. Soon after this date, the gravity server will be closed. If you have any Work In Progress builds that you would like to salvage from this server, please make sure you get them copied over to the main server. These will be imported the same way as outlined in Hex's thread. Check out Hex’s thread with all the information for importing here: click here

- For those needing to import on Saturday, January 30th, we understand that that is a quick turn around to the Feb. 1st deadline. For this reason, we are willing to grant small extensions to individuals that need it. This can be used for if you just want to touch the build up with finer details or are waiting on an op to help you set it up. Please contact myself or another host if you need a few extra days and we would be happy to grant it to you. We want to make sure that as many of you as possible get to participate and make something. There will not be a general extension, only individual extensions.

We will have one more update post after the deadline has passed with all the final information regarding the Gravity map. Good luck on finishing your builds and if you have any questions or if you need any help with building, please reach out to a host!


Bird Enthusiast
Mar 2, 2019
Dropper Title: Challenger Deep

Dropper Map Code: chd

Dropper Creator(s): Big_Big_So_Big

Start Coords: 5696 132 -6652

End Coords: 5697 10 -6643

Info: An easier dropper based on one of my existing maps: Mariana.


Sleepy Forest Girl
Feb 7, 2016
Dropper Title: Glimmer

Dropper Map Code: glm

Dropper Creator(s): MarstaVidar

Start Coords: 5550 141 -6607

End Coords: 5548 2 -6598

Info: Checkpoints haven't been set up yet so would appreciate if someone could do that. Partially inspired by World 7 from a hat in time, kinda testing the waters to build a larger map with a similar theme in the future.
Probably on the harder side.


Tree Hugger
Mar 1, 2020
Dropper Title: Bookworm

Dropper Map Code: bok

Dropper Creator: Autre

Start Coords: 5449 249 -6473

End Coords: 5442 98 -6473

Info: Another easier one that I came up with. Think it turned out cute.


Nightmare Connoisseur
Jul 20, 2020
Request: can I shorten the names of my two dropper maps? I hadn't considered that my first choices wouldn't fit on a sign (whoops).
  • Recurring Nightmare -> Night Terrors (ntr)
  • Down the Rabbit Hole -> The Rabbit Hole (trh)


Tree Hugger
Mar 1, 2020
Gravity has officially concluded! Thank you so much to those that participated in this event! In this update post, we will go over all of the final information + the timeline of the next couple weeks. This is divided into two sections, those who created full maps and those who created levels. To those who received extensions, please get your submissions in ASAP.

Full Map Creators:
- Board will be reviewing the full maps, please follow your reviewers guidelines for getting your map to FFA.
- The Title reward, name still TBD, will be rewarded soon after Gravity is published. Make sure to get it published!

Level Creators:
- Myself, Hex, Bailey, and Spol are hard at work reviewing your levels. Once we finish reviewing your droppers, we will contact you with feedback. If your dropper is not ready for FFA, we will outline what needs to be changed before it can be ready for FFA. If your dropper is ready for FFA, we may still give feedback but it will be up to you if you would like to implement it. We will get this feedback to you, at the latest, by Feb. 7th.

- The Gravity map will be set up in the following way,
  • Each dropper will act as its own unit with each of them awarding FFA Points. We have decided that easier droppers will be assigned 1 FFA Point and harder droppers will be assigned 2 FFA Points.
  • The join signs for your levels will be located in a custom made hub for the map (similar to Carnivale and Broadway). This hub will house the join signs for the levels in an easily accessible place, a special place for all who created/helped with Gravity, and a special place to those who created full maps.
- We are hoping to have Gravity published to FFA by Feb. 14th at the latest.
- The "Anvil Hat" will be rewarded soon after Gravity is published.

That's everything! Once again, thank you to those who created something! One final update will be posted to the thread once Gravity is published and rewards are given. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please reach out to myself or another host!


Tree Hugger
Mar 1, 2020
Gravity has been released to FFA! Thank you so much for everyone who created a level! Map breakdown is as follows, in order of difficulty:

High Tech Dig by SomePunWithChloe - 1 Point
Depths by Shpeckly - 1 Point
Cranium by Autre - 1 Point
Bookworm by Autre - 1 Point
Challenger Deep by Big_Big_So_Big - 1 Point
Invasion by CreamGoblin - 1 Point
Night Terrors by Mercata - 2 Points
Cosmic Drop by pieceofcheese - 2 Points
The Rabbit Hole by Mercata - 2 Points
Glimmer by MarstaVidar - 2 Points

You can access the map hub with join signs for these 10 levels, designed by spolendina, with /c join grav.

In addition, we also created a challenge, Gravitational, which is all 10 droppers in order of difficulty.

Construction on one of the planets is still ongoing as we await one final dropper map to be submitted.

Cosmetic rewards will be rewarded in the near future. We will update this thread once they are awarded.

Thank you for participating and hope everyone enjoys the map!


Tree Hugger
Mar 1, 2020
Gravity Cosmetics have been released!

Creators of a Dropper Level have been awarded the Uncommon Anvil Hat.

Creators of a Dropper Map have been awarded the Uncommon Moonwalker Title.

If, for any reason, you can't access your cosmetic, please shoot me a PM.

Thanks for participating!
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