Happy 9th Birthday Minr.org

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Oct 26, 2013
How far we've come

9 years on and we are still here.

From simple wooden paths, cobblestone mazes and stone parkour we have progressed into something quite wonderful. Personalised creations of epic proportions in Minr have never been so evident, The community has surpassed all expectations, when will you simply run out of ideas?
From a dream of a simple challenge server, Zero has truly exploded into a one of a kind community and you have yourselves to thank for that.

This past year has flown by and it feels like only months ago I was writing our 8th Birthday announcment. With your unconditional contributions to the server you have made zero your home in Minecraft, we will continue to work hard at ensuring those creations are available for all for years to come.

If you are a newcomer to our server, spend a little time getting to know the community you'll soon see why our little community is so highly regarded. Without our community zero would have perished long ago, you keep the dream alive. 9 years is quite the achievement congratulations. On to the big 10!

Sadly there are no birthday events however... without any further ado

We are happy to announce that new spawn is now live! I'd like to thank all spawn comp participants, Rebplane and co for prepping the new spawn and most of all you guys that are constantly helping us shape zero to be the best it can be.

I pose to you 1 question. What are your favourite moments on zero.minr.org?

Here were the results of last years questionaire i figured it would make for good chuckles to see how many of them have been accurate or still remain true.

Best at Parkour: Rebplane
Best at Survival: Drahmee
Best Speedrunner: Andershma
Most likely to be online: Rebplane
Most Favourite Op: Zatharel
Most Favourite Mod: The Hexer
Most Favourite Green: Pixiface
Most likely to be banned: Picklesthecheeta
Most likely to crash the server: Chillers
Most favourite map builder: Zatharel
Best server event: Purple Coin
Most likely to help a new player: Ninja_cat
Most friendliest player: Pixiface
Favourite Valley Map: Rainbow Parkour
Favourite FFA Map: Invictus
Most likely to be promoted: Creepashadowz
Most likely to be casted in the muppets: Ajdj123321
Most likely to become a billionaire: Chillers
Most likely to get lost in the supermarket: Pixiface
Most likely to drive an electric car: Chillers
Most likely to be an astronaut: Rmanimal
Most likely to get a job at Mojang: Rickyboy320



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Oct 26, 2015
My favourite moment was back in the old days when there were 3 warp points above Jigabot's Clay Maze, and any green who wanted to got to see all the whities becoming Green...or die trying....:)
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