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Incendium Shortcuts

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Aug 15, 2018
Found a lot of wacky and complicated shortcuts for checkpoint 4. The first shortcut leads you directly to the end of the map. This one is possible from the platforms near the end of the map, and it's possible to do this from any platform as long as you land on the top of the buildings (barring the one with the barrier wall) or land on top of any of the trees. My suggestion is to edit the large tree so that players would not be able to parkour up it to make this shortcut possible.

This shortcut is also possible by doing a double neup on this tree (see link) in order to get up to the rooftops.

Besides for that end of map shortcut, I was also able to find quite a lot more ways to skip huge portions of checkpoint 4. I will compile all of the ones that I have found so far right here.

This one is fairly dangerous as you are jumping over lava and having to dodge the random fire that pops up, and requires you to do two z-facing neups. Still skips quite a lot of parkour by reaching this rooftop though.

However, this one right here is a lot safer and waaaaaay easier to pull off. Extremely easy to do this.

Next up, this one is a bit different and is also pretty complicated, however this achieves about the same goal as the previous two. It's very treacherous with many spots to die in, but still skips a lot of very difficult parkour.

But then there's this version of the shortcut... this one is almost *too* easy. The map accidentally just gives you a staircase up to the rooftop.

With all of these shortcuts combined, you could beat checkpoint 4 with only taking around 15 jumps. I would suggest just doing a sweep of this whole checkpoint after fixing all of the ones shown above.


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Mar 2, 2019
I’ll check this out in a few days, but I’m unable to play until then. You could ask Dumbmutt to fix them in the meantime since he has perms and is on frequently.


Jul 30, 2018
*Walkie talkie noise*
Affirmative. Skips have been patched 1-5, I repeat, Skips 1-5 have indeed been patched
*Walkie Talkie Noise*
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