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Resolved Incorrect/Missing Information in the FFA Map Signs/Heads

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Maze Connoisseur
Apr 21, 2014
That title might seem dramatic, but its just a bunch of small stuff I've noticed just recently, and I found enough it might warrant a thread. Just to avoid people entering a maze because it is labelled as only having Guess, but then finding a parkour section. Some of it is debatable. Forgive me if I have anything wrong on here.

  1. Sky Castle is listed in the FFA as having elements of Search along side Parkour, but it also has a water maze in a water treatment plant.
  2. CodSimulator20XX is missing a ? head in the mixed pk room, which I think needs Contains elements of Maze and Puzzle.
  3. The sign for the map above is also incorrect, displaying CodSimulatorXXX instead of CodSimulator20XX (yes it fits on the sign, I checked).
  4. Trek has element of guess along with maze, where you have to pick a hole and hope its right, called Craters
  5. Deranged has an (apparently optional) parkour section in the maze, so it'd be contains elements of parkour and guess.
  6. Freezerburn starts with a parkour section, but is labelled as only have guess.
  7. Lapiz Plaza is labelled as having a "puzzle', but it is actually just a search (find the numbers on the signs hidden around the building).
  8. Spooky Minr is missing a ? head. It needs to have Parkour, Maze and Puzzle.
  9. Wolly Mamoth is listed as Wooly Mammoth in the FFA+. The sign in the start of the map also needs to be fixed.
  10. Pocketz Stadium is listed as Pockets Stadium in the plugin. (The greenie that made it was MrP0cketz)
  11. The first 5 levels of DOOM-ed have the ffa code FFA-c-dd[1-5]. Level 6 has FFA-c-ded for no apparent reason.
  12. The Project Sierra sign in the FFA+ is practically unreadable (change the colour)
  13. Spiders' Lab is listed as Spider'sLab (no space) in the plugin. It should be either Spider's Lab or Spiders' Lab.
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Good Little Chemist Boy
Nov 5, 2013
the Mammoth

It's Wolly, half remember someone telling me that it's even intentional. The sign said so before, and unless anyone can somehow confirm that kadd meant "wooly", it should stay as wolly.
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