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Inventory clear Glitch

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Jan 19, 2015
For about 99% of maps, if you hold an item in a selected slot in the hotbar, you can actually carry that item over to the new map without having to work for it

Ex. I can get an iron sword from DOOM-ed, hold it in my selected slot, then go to a new map called palmtree panic and go in it.
Once I get food from the sign, my sword will re-appear, but my other items won't

I feel this can easily be resolved with a /clear @p command for every map

Thank you :D


Killer of Very Large Horses
Oct 27, 2013
talking in game, and we thought a region that updated when a player did /spawn (tripwire, pressure plate, that sort of thing to avoid clocks) which did /clear @p[!team=green] would mean that players couldnt take items through, but greens didnt have to worry about loosing their items. It would require a bit of setting up to get teams worked out, but the feature could also be used to prevent greens from entering hc again and other applications like that.

My recommendation would be to use this system as well as the current system that is in place, so that not even greens can get an inventory full of items into the map, and it would prevent going back to walking the mile through spawn just to get to ffa


Nov 18, 2013
We could also go for a similar approach as HC, scriptblocking the 9 blocks at the spawn point / ffa spawn (since you spawn there after beating a map) and scripting those to clear your inventory, since that wouldn't have the issue of you using the sign and in that way keeping the item. May save some op work.

XSX - Scripting both X & S, with S being the spawnpoint.
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