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It's been a while...


Active Player
Nov 5, 2013
Hello everyone,

I've been part of the Minr community (but not the forum, apparently) for the last.... god knows how many years. It's seen me at my worst and at my best, and I am so happy to be a part of this awesome family.

It's been AGES since I've been back on, or played Minecraft at all for that matter. I know heaps of you on the server and on the forum, and you might or might not remember me, or even have me on Skype somewhere. But, looking through some of the posts here on the forum, I'd like to sincerely apologise for any cringe ensued and, because most of you met me in like, 2012, I want to re introduce myself

So, I'm Rhi, I'm probably going to be stuck on blue for a very long time, and I'd love to catch up with my old friends and meet new people.
I'll see you around, don't hesitate to say hi!