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off the rails!!
Jul 26, 2019

I'm sure this has been brought up a few times but since the speedrun legitimacy situation is currently being talked about, I'd like to raise the fact again that using /kill (and /c join [mapname/mapcode]) reset your time as many mods and admins have claimed that this was apparently patched a time ago and that this shouldn't be an issue. This currently affects the legitimacy in first-time completions in maps like holes and Inaros, and also puts a few other maps into question when either yeroc% or other time-reset related speedruns exist. Just wanted to bring this to attention if this needs to be changed. Thanks,

_Trains_ :)

After speaking to yeroc about this, /kill is a completely fine time reset method, however the problem lies in maps where variables are not reset when /kill is used. An example is like Inaros, where using /kill at the very end allows you to walk through the entire map right to the end to get a fast time. Perhaps looking at maps where using /kill does not reset anything, like puzzles in vares, could be looked at.
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Nov 18, 2013
This currently affects the legitimacy in first-time completions in maps like holes and Inaros
I don't understand this sentence, mind rephrasing it? As I interpret it now, legitimacy is affected by not clicking the end sign, but instead /killing or /c joining and then redoing the map? Your time from start-checkpoint to finish is your time. Even if we removed the (QoL) reset of times on /kill, you could click the checkpoint and have the same effect. That /kill and /c join reset your time is therefore expected and intended, and I think many speedrunners appreciate not having to click the checkpoint sign upon respawning.

... and also puts a few other maps into question when either yeroc% or other time-reset related speedruns exist.
True, this is an issue, and therefore we trust everyone to report these kind of 'shortcuts' / setups. They are invalid runs of a map, and the times are illegitimate, and the earlier we can remove them, the faster legitimate times can enter the scoreboard.
(Though, there are some special cases where we do allow timer resetting, like the old pandemonium, where you could sit on the maze and click the starting checkpoint sign -- but these are on a map-by-map basis ~ speaking of that, we should probably keep a repository of verdicts on shortcuts like these (I guess that's the shortcuts forum, but that's running out of use...)).
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Oct 26, 2013
Hi Trains,

The issue you describe is not one of the plugin, but of an assortment of individual maps. As you described to me, the /kill logic seems to be working fine. However, it's the logic of the maps that should be adjusted to catch these setups that are using a fresh timer.

I recommend creating a thread for each map that you recognize to be exploitable in this manner. Otherwise, the /kill workings are a non-issue, and so I will close this thread.
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