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Let's Make a Video Game?


Oct 29, 2013
Hello Minr,

I'm looking for a new project to occupy more of my time, and I figured, why not make a video game? It has been an ambition of mine for a while; I've just never done anything to further the goal along. One of the reasons is my limited tech skill-- most of my expertise lies in the artistic fields. Another is that I prefer to work with other people (I'm not great at self motivation, haha). So, where could I find people who are awesome, creative, and into video games? My favorite online community of course. :p I know several of you have portrayed interest in such an undertaking and/or have experience with it already.

So, if this sounds like fun to you, drop me a line on the forums. Make sure to give me the following information:

- Preferred form of communication/whether voice calling is alright with you
- Desired amount of participation
- How dedicated would you be?
- What sort of skills do you have that appertain video game design?
- Are there any people who you would feel uncomfortable working with?
- What is your favorite genre, in general?

I don't know how many people will be interested in joining me, but if the number is large, I will select a group of three or four people based on who they would work well with and how compatible their information seems.

If you have a question, please post below. However, do *not* post your response to the aforementioned questions here. PM me via forums.


Nov 18, 2013

Haha, I've been walking around with this idea for a while now, but was just troubling with a way to put it. Will definitely send you a PM soon. :)


Killer of Very Large Horses
Oct 27, 2013
Sign me up, I have a cert 3 in game development, and know my way aroubd the unity engine.


The best user.
Oct 27, 2013
I got an idea for a jump n run-esque game that could possibly be done in either unity or simply java since a while now, but I'm not at all convinced that I have the devotion/time to work on something like this.


Oct 29, 2013
To Jag: Make sure you send me that info then. :p

To Freak: If you're not sure, it probably isn't the best idea. :) Things like this take a lot of work.