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LFP (Looking For Partner)

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Aug 1, 2015
Over my time at minr, I've noticed that a lot of people request in chat that they need a partner for specific maps, or that they are asking if anyone would want to do a map with them that doesn't necessarily require anyone else. Doing this is a fantastic way to make new friends within the community, as well as continuing to work on friendships that you already have. However, I have noticed that these messages can sometimes go overlook by players of all roles, and so I have a suggestion to work around this.

Those who participate or even look at chat are those who wish to socialise within the community. And when caught up in a conversation, sometimes it's easy for all of us to be focused on the replies that are only relevant to what you're already talking about. This can make it difficult for people outside of the conversation, particularly people who are new to the server, to be noticed when requesting for a partner or group to work on a map with. This is noone's fault, and is a part of being human. However, as these messages can go overlook, sometimes the same person will need to request repeatedly, which can be seen as spamming the chat and can become irritating to other people using the chat for conversations.

In order to solve this conflict, a suggestion I had was that there be an extra chat section added to the Discord called 'LFP' (Looking For Partner). In this channel, a player can request one map every fifteen minutes that they wish to have a partner on. This can be done by using a command similar to '.p <map name>'. After doing so, within the minecraft chat, a message will appear. This message could be in white, so to not be distracting for players disinterested in chat, and bold, to make it more clear to those who are noticing chat. The username of the player will also be written in white, regardless of their rank, so that it's much easier for players of all ranks to use and for any accidental or subconscious prejudice to be held against the player, for example, if their brand new and haven't interacted much in chat yet.

An addition to this suggestion, although may not be as important as 'LFP' could be 'LFG' (Looking For Group), which is used in many discords and games. This could be a command that works in a very similar way as the previous, using a command such as '.g <map name>' and would also have a limit of a player requesting one map every fifteen minutes. Although there aren't any maps (that I'm aware of) that require more than two players to complete, this provides an opportunity for people to have company when doing a map as many players can find doing maps alone less exciting than doing them in a group. However, my suggestion is that 'LFG' would be implemented at a later stage if this suggestion is taken on-board as it's much more common issue of players needing to find a partner to complete specific maps.

Some advantages of these suggestions could include:
- A newer player having more confidence that they are being treated as equal with those of a higher rank than them, having their username written in the same colour as everyone else regardless of the fact that they're new
- A time limit restricts players spamming that they are looking for a partner or group to play with in chat
- The use of the feature can prevent spam building up in chat when a player is looking for a partner
- It becomes much easier for new players to join in with the community, as they can join a player looking for a partner/group much more easily therefore welcoming them to the community and introducing them to players at a faster pace

I understand that this would have to be a new bot or system that would need to be created and implemented if taken on-board, and that it may be a large task to do, however I am willing to attempt to create this with the help of some friends if this seems like a suitable idea for the server.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
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