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Suggestion Make Sra Survival Mode

Discussion in 'The Helpdesk' started by The_Fire_Ghoul, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. The_Fire_Ghoul

    The_Fire_Ghoul Minr Wiki Writer Greenie

    As we all know, Sra has an annoying over-abundance of barrier blocks, one that, in my opinion, heavily detracts from the map. Before the adventure mode switch, these barriers were at least somewhat bearable as you can see where they are when you highlight them in survival mode. But now that all maps are set to adventure mode, certain maps with lots of barriers, especially unmarked ones, are now impossible to see unless you're right on them. Sra suffers from this the worst, as there are lots and lots of invisible walls. There's even a number of places where it looks like you can jump or drop down to another platform over lava, but when you try to do so you're stopped midair and you die instantly. Ideally I would like these barriers to be entirely replaced with natural barriers and walls, but for now I would simply like the map to set the player to survival mode. Doing so will pose no threat for escaping the map, as Sra has been throughly block-glitch patched already.
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  2. I personally would rather see the barriers be replaced with glass as they used to be instead. I always found it difficult to see these walls even in survival mode.
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  3. DumbMutt

    DumbMutt New Fish Greenie

    Well, you could technically re-do the map; as in instead of barriers have some kind of natural barrier instead. This shouldn't be too hard due to the map having quite a lot of space.

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