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Map and Map Maker of the Year area is now open!

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Jan 19, 2015
Map and Map Maker of the Year


Chloe and I bring you Map and Map Maker of the Year, an event that celebrates the past year of maps with an area dedicated to the community's favorite map and creator in 2020! Several weeks ago, both a thread and poll were made for greens+ to vote on their picks for the map and creator of the year, in which Sulldas was named the Map Maker of the Year and Chaoskampf (by spolendina) was named the Map of the Year. Anyone can now join the area dedicated to both through the sign at spawn!

As an extra thank you to everyone who made a map in 2020, each of the maps created last year are listed below!

City Spawn Head Hunt - CreepaShadowz
The 256 Drop - Sulldas
Dimensional Rifts - chayos
Infiltration - Big_Big_So_Big
Dry Desert Trials - Shpeckly
Left Behind - Shpeckly
The Nether Caves - Big_Big_So_Big
Chaoskampf - spolendina
Imperceptible - ZombieKiler
Farm - Shpeckly
Playdoh Palace - AverageIPA and KimbosIPA
Deep Dive - _Fire_
Hangar - Big_Big_So_Big
The Fire Dragon's Dungeon - Shpeckly
Magmatic Fusion - chayos
Bayou - Autre
Breakout - Sulldas
The Queen's Courtyard - Shpeckly
Color Climb - MCPDGamer
7x7 - MCPDGamer
Fourier Series - IBDKing
Clutterfunk - Dumbmutt, JonBimblesticks, and MarstaVidar
Helicase - jake_osml
Warped - Sulldas
Perspective 2 - Sulldas
Mystic Cavern - Shpeckly
Trenches - Autre
Whimsical - ezzaezza
Crow's Nest - Big_Big_So_Big
Sprucelands - _CleanUpCrew_
Over the Rainbow - _Trains_
Wool Garden - Sulldas
The Impossible Quiz - luckylukecraft
Scuba - Big_Big_So_Big
E3 - Dumbmutt and MarstaVidar
Sewer - Autre
Space Race - Sulldas
Four Elements Earth - Capry5
Hue of Redstone - Sulldas
Ant Hill - Autre
Psyche - Autre
Recursion - Sulldas
Ember Island - AverageIPA
Calamity - Big_Big_So_Big
Underwater Palace - X0_Wes
Frozen Tower - Chromonik
Duat - Sulldas, Dumbmutt, and _Trains_
No Solution - Sulldas
Hot Headed - Berend
Maze of Mazes - Big_Big_So_Big
The Prestige: Revamped - spolendina
The Turtlegrass Adventure - Schylah, ninjanoha_, and luckylukecraft
Four Elements Water - Capry5
Trapladder - Voodles3
Mean Messages - Sulldas
Zen - Dumbmutt and _Trains_
Gardenhead - spolendina
Sphinx - Autre
Heartless - Squidyerser
Wool Paradise - Big_Big_So_Big
World Tour 3 - pieceofcheese and IanAnth66
Beanstalk - ash203 and Chromonik
Checkmate - Chromonik
Crimson Planet - Dumbmutt
The Control Room - Chromonik
Piece of Cake - Sulldas
Ender Labs - Sulldas
Super Minr Kart - pieceofcheese
PrisMaze - Chromonik
The Sage Stone - Chromonik
Treasure Vault - Big_Big_So_Big
Ace - Felidae_ and Shpeckly
Dash - Sulldas
Eden - Zatharel and spolendina
The Snowman - _Trains_ and ash203
Draft - Big_Big_So_Big
Arrival - Daok28, Dobby728, Nichochico8, SpawnedThisWay and Pqrky
Mariana - Big_Big_So_Big
Space - Felidae_
Elusion: Remastered - CreepaShadowz, Zatharel, and scionozion
Super Button - PacksofPages and _Trains_
Pasta - Big_Big_So_Big
The Cauldron - Chromonik
Sea Patterns - Sulldas
Coral - Autre
The Legacy - BTJRedwing
Time Lab - Daok28, Dobby728, Nichochico8, SpawnedThisWay, and Pqrky
Sky Runner - _Trains_
Bussolai - duckle and Masts
Phanatos - Shpeckly
Spectral - ezzaezza
Journey - Chromonik
Four Elements Air - Capry5
Nightmare - chayos
Wizard's Tower - Dumbmutt
Nether Quest - AK1089, Daok28, Dobby728, Nicochico8, and SpawnedThisWay
Shrine - Kosmo93
Invictus II - AtomicAdam0
Ashes - Big_Big_So_Big
Colorful Shape - Kosmo93
Nightmare Fuel - Mercata
Sanctuary - dxmx3
Happy Thoughts - Sulldas
Koi - Dumbmutt, ezzaezza, and AverageIPA
Oasis - Kosmo93
Windmill - BJTRedwing
Cemetery - Shpeckly
Quarry - Logwormy
Resource Parkour - Community Project
Sheol - AverageIPA, Dumbmutt
Trident - Autre
Moving Mazes - AK1089, Daok28, Dobby728, Nicochico8, and SpawnedThisWay
Minr Maze - Big_Big_So_Big
Halcyon - Iananth66
Cosmic Core - Pieceofcheese
Metroplex - duckle and Masts
Glacier - Autre
Perspective 3 - Sulldas
Showtime - Kosmo93
Arrowhead - Shpeckly
Crayons - Chromonik
Zoom - Berend
Oculus - Scyzer and ryanou812
Final-E - Dumbmutt, _Trains_, and Jaabus

That's a whopping 124 maps made, holy cow! Thank you to everyone, and cheers for 2021!
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