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Minr Chess Tourney 2.0!


Jan 16, 2023
Minr Chess Tourney 2.0!

Hi everyone! Me and BoggledToggo are bringing back the hit Minr event - Minr Chess Tourney 2.0! We are intending this to be an inclusive event where chess players of all skill-levels can participate and put their chess skills to the test!

We plan to run this event starting August 12th and each round will last roughly 1 week with players finding time to get together with BoggledToggo or myself to referee the match. Every match will take place at Minrs awesome custom chess board at /warp chess!

We plan to run two brackets for which both winners will win a title (Grandmaster) and all participants will win a hat (Crown).

Each game will be put into a Lichess study for the players to look back at, and so there is a record of the incredible games played!

Details and rules:

- The bracket will be split into two based on rating based seeding, to make the tournament fairer and to give everyone a good chance of performing well! (For those who are not rated please just list rating as unrated! Thank you :) )

- Following the first round, the bracket will be single elimination until one player remains in each bracket - these are the winners!

- The time control will be 30+0 (30 minutes for each player). Ties will be decided by a tiebreaker game. Every game will be comprised of one match - winner takes all! This is in an effort to make upset potential even higher for a more exciting tournament.

- No-show results will be decided at the host’s discretion - generally, the win will go to whichever player is making the effort to play. If both or neither of the players make an effort, the game will go on a coinflip.

- It goes without saying that cheating is not allowed. The games will be reviewed for fair play, and anyone deemed to have been playing illegitimately will be disqualified, and not eligible for any cosmetics.

We are hoping to see you there! To sign up all you need to do is post your name and your chess rating (please be honest!) in the thread below. The cutoff for the signup is August 11th at 10pm EST!
Kasebett, ~1700 chesscom rapid


New Fish
Aug 8, 2023
R0BObit 400 I think (that’s what chess.com says, played like one online match). I took some of the chess.com lessons, so I'm not a complete beginner.
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