MINR Insurance


Scrum Master
Oct 26, 2013
Having trouble with roaming, cumbersome greenies destroying your builds?
Tired of not knowing if that vine-growth deny region is going to change one day?

MINR Insurance is here for you.

We are with you every step of the way from bored to board, from lawn to spawn.
When things go south - and they do sometimes - we help you to pick up the blocks.

We protect you from everyday hazards and setbacks, no matter the time involvement.
When a renegade piston machine destroys your build, we know how to back you up.

We provide a RollForward service to place back every block that was lost in an accident.
Our providers make sure that you get every resource back. 100% guaranteed.

We can protect you from the following events:
Player griefers
Basic packageRollForward-protected
Enderman theft*
Basic packageRollForward-protected
Flying piston sweeper
Basic package-
Lava, water, and vine spreading
Plus package-
Fire damage*
Plus package-
Out-of-region TNT damage
Plus packageRollForward-protected
In-region TNT damage
Gold packageRollForward-protected
*handled by RainShield, damage from which is NOT insured
However, you will not be protected from every scenario, notably:
  • Damages caused by you and/or your family
  • Rain and snow damage
  • Sand structure failure
  • Staff and Board alterations
  • Entity and item spam
  • Acts of God

All it takes to get started is a payment plan - and everything else will be handled by our servicers.
Payment can be handled in multiple currencies and schedules, be sure to talk to our agents first.
Payments may be provided in encrypted maze and puzzle solutions, credit on published maps, favors whenever our agents demand them, premium player names, pictures of your family, access to command blocks, and human children. All transactions are subjected to the laws of the purchaser's locale and server.

We hope that we can be here in your time of need, and give you safety of mind.
Remember that MINR Insurance can help prepare your builds for a very bright future.


"I am a builder, and I know MINR has my map and I in mind."