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Minr Mafia 27: Chaos

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Lemony Girl
Apr 30, 2020
When you are swallowed by the void, are you truly alive, or are you but a bundle of chaos?

It started when the void was opened, and those who were sucked in... well they aren't exactly alive anymore. Sure they look alive, they look normal, but underneath is a gorgeous chaos, none seen before.

The researchers at ᛚᛁᚨᚷᛟᛋ, they had the hubris to try and tear a hole in reality, and now because of them, our town will never be the same. I see the shadows moving at night, the ghosts of those who were swallowed by the void, but no matter how much I tell the rest of our town, they ignore me and say that they are the same as they always have been. I needed to test it, I needed to know, so I entered the void, and what I saw was nothing I could ever comprehend, and as I was swallowed by the void, I knew, I knew everything. I had become chaos, untainted by any other human presence, and now, I know and see all. But I could not return, I am too much of the chaos, so now all I can do is see the world through the window of the Inbetween. There are others here. But we can see the true forms of those in the town, making deals, and bring more into the fold. The chaos is spreading and I... I love it.

Welcome one and all to the 27th Minr Mafia, I am your host, ᚲᚺᛚᛟᛖ, and I am here to bring you a little serving of Chaos...


The world is a scary scary place you see... and for those living in between it, well, sometimes chaos will ensue.

There isn't much I can say about the game, the story and what the outcome should be, but I will say the rules and the date that the worlds will merge.

1. You MUST have discord, this is so the game will progress at a pace that will make it fun, as well as removing a middle man of the forums when it comes to conversing.

2. When submitting your actions, you will do it on a second discord server specifically for action submitting. Each action will of course be private, as you will get a role with your name (revealing nothing of course) that will give you access to a private channel to submit actions.

3. If you'd like to converse with another player privately, you must send me a request, either through disc or the forums, and you will be added to a private conversation on discord.

You will receive the discord link upon signing up, with the in game action server being sent after sign-ups close to allow me to make all the roles.

4. This isn't a free for all, but people on different teams can win together. Backstabbing is highly encouraged, and choose your allies wisely. To make things even more interesting, your teammates will be able to see your actions.

5. Be kind to each other, these games often get hectic and tense, so if I see toxicity, I will warn you and then remove you from the game if it continues. To make sure that I have more than one perspective on this, I will be outsourcing to staff to make sure that it falls under the toxicity rules of Minr.

6. Do not cheat, you will be removed from the game. This includes alting, trading information without my knowledge (not abiding by rule 3,) and other things to ruin the game for others. This only works with people following the rules, so please do follow the rules.

7. Day and Night will last 24hrs each.

The Inbetween will open September 19th and Signups will close September 18th at 12 PM EST. You will receive your roles and team before the game starts. Everyone will get the player role on the discord, but some will have channels others don't (that is how you know who is on your team ;)

Please feel free to sign up below.

Good Luck. You'll need it...


Sleepy Forest Girl
Feb 7, 2016
Chaos is a pure parkour map by Kaddekes. It rewards 7 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join chao”.

The map starts by having the player drop into the mouth of a huge beast. As the player falls they get a message reading "I will devour you whole!". The player then travels down a path which is open to the outside world. The main challenge of the map comes in a huge obsidian cylinder. Inside of it there are four wool branches: one orange, one blue, one green and one red. They reach up chaotically and randomly, and the player must follow a semi-linear path upwards to reach the floating island where they all converge.

The map uses a lot of wool, as is common in a lot of kaddekes' maps. The long road of gravel before the ascension has walls of brick. The map is very open, and as players ascend the obsidian, the cylindrical obsidian walls gradually erode and give way to glowstone rings and floating glowstone particles. It aims to be more of a server structure than a contained build.

(Sign me up :))


Swimming around
Feb 28, 2015
I'd like to spectate

edit: actually it would probably be better if I didn't sign up for now, edited to spectate
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