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Minr Mafia 32: Sussy Season

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Nov 3, 2013


Every year the so-called "holiday season" encroaches further and further on other holidays. The Christmas Spirits didn't even have the decency to spare Halloween this time around!

As if that's not bad enough, your town is especially festive in an over-the-top and annoying way. Every year, holiday cookies go missing, houses get decorated without their owners' permission, and a faint Christmas jingle can be heard playing 24/7 like a discount grocery chain. The townspeople have about had it with this exuberant celebration, and this year they've decided to get to the bottom of the town's mysterious happenings and restore normalcy to the holidays!

The only problem is: to get rid of the mischievous holiday spirits, the townspeople will need to figure out who is a townsperson and who is a holiday sprit in disguise... Can town banish the right townsfolk, or will Christmas music play constantly... forever?!

Holiday vibes to get you in the mood!

Welcome to Minr Mafia 32: Sussy Season! Briefly for those of you considering joining, here's a pitch of Hannah & my's Mafia Round!


  • It is, of course, holiday-themed!
  • This will probably end up being a fairly large game, but we've implemented some features to make the game flow at a more manageable pace for players who might be newer or have less time due to the holidays.
  • We've specifically designed our round to have as few RNG elements as possible for those of you who feel one way or another about those.
  • We will be capping the game at a maximum of 35 players to prevent player fatigue and simplify setup/gameplay.
  • If you sign up after the player cap is reached, you will be added to a waitlist to take over for any players who go inactive. If there are many people on the waitlist, we will consider running a second game in tandem. You can ask to be on the waitlist to start off if you'd prefer to watch but are willing to take over if we need someone to fill in and keep the game balanced.
  • You can find out more about specific rules and mechanics by joining the Discord Server for the round.

Timeline (6:30 PM PDT phase shift)

  • 12/08: Player sign-ups open
  • 12/12: Sign-ups close (you can still join the waitlist if you'd like, or join as a spectator)
  • 12/13: Game starts!
  • 12/24 & 12/25: Brief intermission & secret event :)
Discord Server link for round: https://discord.gg/dTWTQK5bVH

Happy Holidays and hope to see you there,


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Dec 19, 2020
Heads up - you can sign up here on the thread, OR on the discord, so the number of replies is not indicative of how many spots are left!


Oh good lawd he boggled
May 12, 2022
Hmm I know what I said before about not joining any more mafias...

But i really need to satisfy my mafia addiction rick sanchez you son of a bitch im in


Duck Enthusiast
Dec 19, 2020
Hey gamers! The game has filled up with 35 people! We will not be accepting new players, but we do have a waitlist. In the event that a player can't commit to the game or drops out for another non-game related reason, we will invite waitlisted players to keep the game consistent.
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