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Minr Mafia XXIII - Far Homes

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Jan 19, 2015

[MRST04-2258Z] - It's only the 3rd time we've ever used this station, and I feel guilty about this. I can't believe it, but we're calling in a Red Alert!

[MRST02-2258Z] - What is the cause of distress, Station 4?

[MRST04-2258Z] - Our energy supply, both back-up and reserve, is gone! The Ether used to power Oxygen Station Embrye has gone missing with the recent Induction-50!

[MRST02-2258Z] - Surely none of the first arrivals there caused it? We did extensive background-checking and procedures to make sure even the flagged persons group that was sent to your base were no cause of concern.

[MRST04-2258Z] - I doubt it, considering the recent push by Dr. Edinborough to facilitate life on this planet has caused time constrains, but this base needs an energy supply immediately. Even with the most imperturbable men and women from the fifty, everyone here will die in four weeks without the Station's circulation.

[MRST02-2259Z] - That's unfortunate, but why contact our station about it?

[MRST04-2259Z] - You're the greatest bet we have of obtaining any power within a reasonable time frame. Other planets are at such a distance that it will be three weeks before they arrive, and by that point some of the passengers and us technicians will likely perish from air poisoning.

[MRST02-2259Z] - We are about the same amount of time away from the site, however. Again, why call this station?

[MRST04-2259Z] - Alright. We've received reports over the past few weeks the Ember group causing disturbances around the base, including a cave-in which killed all the technicians at the site. We're at half our workforce because of it and are bracing a direct attack on the base. We cannot risk contact with main base in case they discover where it is, so we wanted to contact the closest sub-station, which happens to be you.

[MRST02-2259Z] - The same group causing terror on Earth?

[MRST04-2259Z] - Yes. We're assuming that they are attempting to take over the technology on this planet as well.

[MRST02-2259Z] - Alright... We'll get on it.

[MRST04-2300Z] - Just as a side-note, at around 0000Z we're shutting off external power systems to conserve Ether, so this will likely be our last contact with you until you arrive.

[MRST02-2300Z] - Got it. Goodbye, Station 4.

[MRST04-2300Z] - Adios.


Commander Cromageddon: "Alright Adults, we need to have a meeting.

"As you all know, recent outreach has caused us to take action to further colonization on this new planet. Our friends at the newly developing Station Embrye are facing an energy shortage, but our journey is bound to be dangerous. I know many of you are still shaken up with your arrival from Induction-50, but I ask of your help. It is a volunteering operation however, and if you are not comfortable going you are free to remain here. However, I will lead those who are brave enough on the journey through this roughly-explored world to help our friends out.

"We're going to have to walk, however, as to not waste the supplies we are sending to the new station. We have a core supply and a transport supply of Ether for the journey to manage. We should have plenty left over when we arrive back, so do not worry.

"We will be open for one week seeking volunteers. After that, another will be spent gather intel and supplies. Finally, we will then begin our week's walk to the new base.

"With the basics out of the way, I'll now read the rules of the trip:

"1. You must be involved in the journey. While it may sound harsh, if we notice you are lagging the group behind we will kick you out of the operation and tell you to fend for yourself.

"2. You may not take pictures during the journey, whether it be of the wildlife or of actions during the journey. This is not a tourist trip.

"3. The dead men at the station tell no tales. Please do not try to converse with them.

"4. Work as a team. We're not supposed to hinder each other.

"5. You all have your own lives and profiles on this planet. Whilst it is unlikely, you are allowed to use someone's past against them.

"6. Even though this is a somewhat serious venture, try to have some fun along the way. In fact I forbid you all to be sad the whole way.

"Now that the basics are out of the way, I guess I pass the conversation to you. What questions still need to be asked? Are you willing to venture with me?"


The Sassy Dragon
Jan 5, 2018
I'm hoping aboard the grand adventure. Please tell me this is a better vessel to travel in the the USS Minr (Round 21) and tell me the food is EDIBLE! xD

I'm in!


Jan 19, 2015
Commander Cromageddon: "The volunteers have been finalized. Make sure you include me in your conversations as we move forward, to make sure we are an efficient unit. Speaking of which, it's time for me to ramble.

"Our volunteer unit needs to have a convenient and quick method of discussion among members. Holding meetings here certainly won't do. Instead, I have made ourselves with this new Discord technology a place where we can discuss matters quickly. I have made a quick invite here to use this amazing new tech.

"Now I know, I know, not everyone understands their duties. That's okay, as I am coming back around to explain them better when our seats are settled. We're preparing to exit during a sandstorm, so I've been busy attempting to handle that. During this time, you can get used to what role I have assigned you, as nobody can feasibly do anything in this weather as of yet. We've got 48 hours between each fueling phase for this transportation, so it'll be a while.

"Anyways, sit back, enjoy yourselves, and let our rescue adventure begin!

"And never forget, you can always ask me questions! I am a part of this adventure as well!"
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