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Minr Mafia XXV: Alien Invasion!

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off the rails!!
Jul 26, 2019
Six days ago. The world fell six fucking days ago. They came from space, we think. Or so we hope, dreading that something as sinister and hellish couldn’t have been conjured within the safety of our own planet. The human mind can conceive many horrible things and have the movies to prove it; horror being a popular genre allows for hadean concepts and creatures to breach pop culture, many people now bearing nightmares praying none of these ghastly stories are truly real and are just a fabrication of the twisted mind. But out of all of them to come true, it had to be similar to ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’. They became our friends, our families, our loved ones. They look identical, talk the same, carry the same memories, but at night they lust for nothing more than the blood and flesh of humankind. This story is about a group that was formed, the only people that were able to find each other in quite a large radius. The phone lines are down, power is out, food is limited. This group is truly alone. And yet, not everyone in this group is human. Can you find the aliens and kill them before they kill and eat you? Freedom is within reach but requires playing smart, being quick on your feet, and trusting no one. All the best, and humanity wishes you luck. Watch out for the deathspell.
Hey everyone, Trains here! I’d like to proudly welcome everyone back to another game of Minr mafia! This is definitely a very standard game of mafia with a few smaller twists built within.

This will be taking place on a discord server but spectators are free to join in and watch the fun, please pm me if you’d like to spectate.

The first day will be 48 hours long followed by a night phase of 24 hours, then the day night cycle will be 24 hours apiece with each cycle ending at 1700h EST.

A couple rules right off the bat:
  1. I must be added to any DM between players
  2. No talking to the dead
  3. No sharing any screenshots
  4. Be kind to others
  5. Have a blast!
An issue that came up with both Gang Wars and last mafia round was that people who went afk ended up ruining a bit of stuff for people, so please please please ensure you will be active during this game! You don’t have to constantly be talking but participating in votes and making sure you submit an action each night is crucial.

I’m looking for exactly 27 players to help make this thing as balanced as possible, but if we don’t have enough sign ups I’ll help fix some of the roles to make sure everything is fair. Send a message down below and I’ll add you to the list! Sign ups will close as soon as we’ve hit our number or in a couple days if we don’t, and the game should start a few days after that.

Good luck, and godspeed!

List of players:
1. granoha
2. ajs626
3. gravebound
4. Frananasplits
5. Big
6. ilovenons
7. Shpeckly
8. Jon
9. Buckley
10. Luke
11. swimmy
12. 0l_
13. Electro
14. Marsta
15. Spawned
16. Dobby
17. Thogin
18. modern
19. Zatharel
20. pooka
21. marvel
22. tuna
23. bilou
24. yanny
25. theglorythief
26. darkhawkeyes
27. AK
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Berdst Friend
Mar 7, 2020
Ceding my position in favor of spectating. Good luck to everyone!
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