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Minr Mafia XXXVII: The Sun and Pandemonium


Milk Enthusiast
Jun 26, 2022
The far away world of Cereii sits an a part of space where the walls between worlds are at their thinnest, making Cereii a prime target for any hostile gods looking for a strategic launching point on their conquest across worlds. Two such invader are now pressing at the border, each having sent several of their agents into Cereii to grow in power and pull their god through. One god, Ban wields the power of the sun, and his zealots are gifted with strength beyond measure, and the other god, Hiela commands the power of the mad world Pandemonium, and his disciples have been given the power to sway the minds of others. Which conqueror will overpower Cereii and the other to claim this world as theirs, or will the people of Cereii win out and drive the invaders back?

GamerPatriot and Catreus95 present:

Minr Mafia XXXVII: The Sun
and Pandemonium

This game has changed a lot from when it was first designed, with each version (hopefully) better than the last. It is super exciting to be hosting mafia and I hope that everyone enjoys this little story that GP and I have put together, but before we begin there are some things to go over:

  • Signups begin.... right now! Signups will close sometime on march 30th, and anything between now and then you can signup in the discord server, which can be accessed using this link: https://discord.gg/cXxp9PDG
  • You may also choose to join as a spectator, if you would like to see how mafia is played without joining, or if you want to sit this game out.
  • This game was originally developed as an experimental test, and has been heavily modified to make it as fun (and stable) as possible, however things might get a little weird towards the end as we try to iron out the mistakes we missed on the fly.
  • This game has been designed to accommodate 34 players, however isn't super rigid, and if you're late to signup, you can always join the waitlist.
  • This game features two evil factions each attempting to wrestle power from each other and from the people of Cereii trying to protect their home.
  • Any other important game info can be found on the discord, and dont hesitate to ping or message @catreus95 on discord if you have any questions or are unsure of anything.
We hope you enjoy our game :- )