Minr Sightseeing - August 15th!


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Feb 7, 2016
Hi there everyone!

I'm here to announce a brand new event - Minr Sightseeing!

Now, what is Minr Sightseeing? It's simple! You will get a set of pictures taken in Minr FFA or FFA+ maps, and your goal is to find and visit all of them! The winner is whoever can find all of them first, or whoever has found the most once the time runs out.
The event will be played in teams of 2, and anyone can participate! To sign up, reply to this thread with the name of your teammate, as well as your team name if you can come up with one.

Here is an example image. You won't get anything if you find it, but during the event you will simply have to walk to all of the shown locations to earn a point.


Anyone who partakes and finds at least one image will be awarded a unique hat, but the winning team will receive an exclusive title and a Steam game of their choice up to 10$ USD from @Hex

The event will take place on August 15th at 9PM CEST, and will run for 3 hours.
Hope to see you there!


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Jul 27, 2019
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Jul 26, 2016
Hey everyone! I'm helping Marsta with organizing this event, and I have a couple of things to announce/clarify with it:
1. There in fact WILL be prizes! All participants will receive an event-unique hat! On top of that, the team that wins the event will receive the exclusive Sightseer 2020 title and each member will receive a Steam game of their choice up to 10$ USD.
2. Not sure if you're gonna be at the event, or if you can stay for the full duration? No problem! Walk-ins are welcome, even if you don't have a partner, and all people that participate will receive the event-exclusive hat.
In the upcoming days we will post more details as to how the event itself will function. We hope to see you all there!


Sleepy Forest Girl
Feb 7, 2016
Here is an example image! I will update the original post to include this as well. If this was in the event, all you would have to do is simply get to the place where the image was taken to score a point! Where is this? Who knows!4782

Some people have also asked "How will the images be provided?" When the event starts, we'll release the first set of 10 images. Then for the first hour, we'll release another 10 every 15 minutes, for a total of 50.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me or hex, either here or on discord!


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Nov 8, 2018
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