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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by rickyboy320, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    A few months ago I opened up the Minr Wiki to staff to get some initial content and testing in. Now that we've had some fiddling around with the tech and extensions, I feel it's time to open it up to the public (we need a ton of content still!)

    Link: https://wiki.minr.org

    I tried to mimic the forum colors to my best ability, but there are simply not enough 'layers' to mimic it completely, resulting in a bit of a boring theme. The current skin (chameleon) uses bootstrap (and less), so if you have any theme/css/less/color suggestions, please message me, or post in the thread. The goal is to make the same site work on mobile. Only a few fixed size boxes and selection bars are still kind of funky.

    We're using mediawiki as backend. This is also used in wikipedia and other wiki projects. They have a whole assortment of extensions we can choose from, allowing some customization. Again if you have suggestions, please say so below.

    Here's some basic formatting guide for the wiki: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Formatting. (Also linked in the Frequently asked questions page on the wiki).

    Feel free to suggest how the wiki should be structured.

    Don't contribute answers to puzzles and mazes, anything violating the server rules and anything inappropriate. No content is final and everything is subject to change, so feel free to do so.

    Note that we do have a moderation plugin for unverified accounts (post here to verify your account), so that the site isn't spammed by bots and weirdoes.

    Keep your content 'official' and factual. Don't add your opinion on things (if you really want to, you can use the talk pages, but in my opinion the forums are more structured for such things).

    Todo list:
    Any links that are red.
    Cleaning up of some pages.
    Anything you can come up with, that's not against the server rules.
    Good overview of commands (I believe grave is still W.I.P. on this) - maybe a bit more like the official wiki, or whatever you can come up with. Needs a good overview.
    If you need any plugin information (specifics of commands, ranks etc), message me.

    Wiki: wiki.minr.org
    You can help by editing things.
    Without account you'll be moderated.
    With account you have to be added to the auto-moderated group, so post your name here.

    Mandatory link to what a wiki is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki
    And mandatory link to the wiki: https://wiki.minr.org
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  2. Pekachoo

    Pekachoo The Useless Greenie

    Called Pekachoo on the wiki thing. Ready to contribute :)
  3. Zatharel

    Zatharel Tulip Enthusiast Op Board

    PSA: Type {{subst:Maps}} in any map page to load the template for map pages.
  4. I made a account called AntonioT111
  5. swimmy1212

    swimmy1212 Swimming around Mod

    am swimmy1212 on there
  6. c_dric

    c_dric Escapist landscaper Op

    Tip : If you want your pages to display an image and description when the link is shared on discord or on a social / chat app,
    make sure to add an image and description tag in the info box :


    Before :


    After :

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  7. Hex

    Hex Board Boy Mod Board

    Made account called Hex, prepare for thoroughly crafted Valley map pages. :D
  8. Pieceofcheese87

    Pieceofcheese87 always in a guda mood Op

    Account name pieceofcheese87
  9. Hex

    Hex Board Boy Mod Board

    As I have discussed with @CreepaShadowz, the template provided could be improved. The current template is:
    | image =
    | caption = Caption.
    | points = 1
    | location = FFA
    | mapcode = FFA-c-xxx
    | creators = One, Two
    | foodtype = Cooked Salmon
    | foodamount = 64
    | description = This is a description.

    == General ==
    === Map Identification ===

    === Story ===

    === Elements ===

    === Aesthetics ===

    == Challenges ==

    == Trivia ==

    [[Category: Map]]

    I'm proposing a few changes and clarifications.
    First, Map Identification should NOT be a header. The information given in that section should be put before General and with no header just like any other wiki page.
    Second, Challenges should NOT be a main header. It's not important enough to enough maps to warrant that. It should be a lesser header.
    Third, a format specifically for map articles in regards to what information should be posted should be created, most likely in the style guide page. It's important for wiki contributors to follow the same rules and the same style to ensure consistency across all of the wiki. Once a format is solidified it should be used on a few map pages and once those are at an acceptable standard they should be referenced in the article so that people can see a real example of what map pages should look like. It should also be decided how vague or specific the descriptions of maps should be. I feel that they should air on the side of detailed rather than vague, as this is a wiki, not a summary.
    Fourth, there should be text in certain sections of the template that is there to instruct people where to put things and this text's intention should be to be written over. A notable example would be at the bottom near [[Category: Map]] to instruct people to add other applicable categories.
    Fifth, the Elements, Story and Aesthetics headers should be removed. They break up the flow of the article. Instead, they should all be under the General header, but in a set order. They should probably go in order of a paragraph about story > gameplay components > aesthetics. They need to be in a set order to ensure consistency and so anyone can look to a specific section of a page to find the information they are looking for.
    Sixth, there should be more places to put pictures in the pages. They liven things up. They might fit well near the aesthetics section.

    An improved version of the template should look something like this
    | image =
    | caption = Caption.
    | points = 1
    | location = FFA
    | mapcode = FFA-c-xxx
    | creators = One, Two
    | foodtype = Cooked Salmon
    | foodamount = 64
    | description = (mapname) is a (maptype) map on zero.minr.org and is worth (pointvalue) points upon completion. Use /c join (Map) to join the map.
    (add here summary of map with map type, creator, brief description and amount of points granted)
    == General ==
    (description of story)

    (description of parkour/maze/puzzle elements with being careful to not give anything away that might make solving something easier)

    (description of theme of map, blocks used and atmosphere)
    === Challenges ===
    (list challenges associated with map)
    == Trivia ==
    (any interesting trivia)

    [[Category: Map]] [[Category: (FFA/FFA+/HC/Valley/anyothers?]] [[Category (Puzzle, Maze, Parkour)]](make multiple category tags if multiple are applicable)

    Anyways, thoughts? How can the template be improved? I'm being picky about it now so that all the standards are in order before too many map pages get created.

    Sorry about this monster of a post.
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  10. CreepaShadowz

    CreepaShadowz I have no idea what to put here Greenie Board

    Three other notes:
    Firstly, categories exist for specially the FFA, FFA+ and the FFA++ Valley, so include the respective category as well as [[Category:Map]].

    Second note, regarding the infobox:
    For about 5/6 of the maps, food is irrelevant.
    Change the Infoxbox so that if a map has normal food mechanics, leave out the food section(s) and have it not show up.
    If it has no food, then don't have Cooked Fish x0, just make it display None.
    If it has some food, keep it as it is right now.

    Change Creators --> Creator(s)

    Split Points field into Reward and difficulty. Not only for clarity (and as well as those who don't know how to equate points to difficulty), some maps reward 0 points but are not very easy. Specifically Retro, valley and board maps (if we even should make pages for the latter).

    So change (Wool Town Retro Example):
    Points: 0
    Difficulty: Easy
    Reward: 0 FFA Points.

    Third note:
    Someone (Zath?) suggested having an area for describing the creation of the map, which I think would be a good idea and the only spot we have for those stories right now are Articles on the forums. Especially useful for larger and grander maps.
  11. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    This already works, if you just don't supply a food/foodamount value. See: https://wiki.minr.org/Template:Infobox_Map/doc#Examples

    Fixed. Detects if multiple are present and adds the S when necessary (this REQUIRES the seperation of creators with ,)

    Fixed, automatically converts the amount of points to the difficulty string, but optionally a difficult parameter can be used to override this substitution.

    If someone is willing to move over the articles on the forums to their respective map pages on the wiki, that'd be great.
  12. Zatharel

    Zatharel Tulip Enthusiast Op Board

    Sure, template switched.
  13. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    Added CSS for mobilefriendly tables (and infoboxes, but that's automatic).
    See https://wiki.minr.org/Challenge#Current Challenges source for how an example. (Table itself is 'normal', until screensize reduces below 480px)

    Keep in mind to add the
    scope="row" tags when using headers as 'fields' (in the example the first cells horizontally)
    For all 'fields', you'll have to add the 'data-data' attribute with the corresponding title. This title will be used when displaying the field for mobile. (If someone knows how to use CSS to grab them from the th in the first row, that'd be great).

    ! scope="row" data-th="Challenge"| Beginner Maze Pack
    | data-th="Maps"| [[Leaf Maze]], [[The Gallery]], [[Blitz]], [[Fire & Ice Maze]], [[Storm]]
    | data-th="Conditions"| None
    | data-th="Reward"| 10 C-Points
    | data-th="Tag"| beginner2
    So in short:
    Add the data-th attributes to all fields, add the scope="row" to all horizontal header fields. (Unless, of course, the table is horizontal)

    Starting the table should include the three classes: "wikitable", "mobiletable", "mobilecenter":
    And that should make the table mobilefriendly.

    I noticed I suck at explaining this, so if you want a mobilefriendly table, and have no idea what I wrote here, and can't deduce it from the challenges page, feel free to ask me to do it.

    Default table:
    Mobile table:

  14. Hex

    Hex Board Boy Mod Board

    @Zatharel in updating the template you forgot to add the Categories at the bottom of the page.

    UPDATE: I got it don't worry
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2017
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  15. I am known as nahfackler on the wiki. I'll help by correcting spelling and grammar.
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