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Mob Arena in Spooky Minr Borderline Impossible

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Oct 26, 2017
During my recent hexa run, I had planned on Spooky Minr being an easy breeze and losing 0 lives, but now that has proven to not be the case. In the mob arena, you have to survive 5 minutes with countless skeletons, zombies, and in the last 2 minutes, charged creepers. These charged creepers never dealt damage beforehand, making this map doable, due to the fact you could hide from zombies and some skeletons. Ever since the recent change of charged creepers causing damage, I am unsure if this mob arena is even possible anymore.

Running around in this area is not a good idea, as you will just continuously be shot by every skeleton in the mob arena, meaning you have to hide instead. This may seem not too bad, but the charged creepers is a game changer. The fact that it can explode you for up to 9 hearts of damage-- that's right, -- almost all of your health in 1 explosion! On top of this and actually needing to eat food instead of saturation, I will have to stop my hexa attempt until something is done about this arena. I have lost 8 lives on spooky minr so far, when typically I take 0. When 6 charged creepers gang up at you within the last 30 seconds of the timer, you cannot survive.

One thing I would also like to point out is both rebplane and KittyCatElite did not have to complete their hexa runs with these charged creepers dealing damage. Even without these creepers, it was still quite a difficult challenge to get through. As I have heard, neither of these two lost lives on this map, and I personally had completed this map multiple times with no death.

Overall, I would just suggest taking out the charged creepers overall. This has created a huge imbalance in the mob arena, practically to the point I would find this map to be more difficult than any other map on the server... and just the fact that this is also labeled as an orange map does not seem fitting anymore.
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Bird Enthusiast
Mar 2, 2019
Dang… When I played Spooky Minr, we had saturation, which made the mob arena almost impossible to die in. How times change.


Maze Connoisseur
Apr 21, 2014
The creepers have half a heart of health, so you can always one-shot them. They only explode if they get extremely close to you. In my experience with playing the arena, they've always been the weakest mob. They're very easy to avoid if you stay moving (which is the recommended and intended strategy).

They do have the "charged" visual effects but their stats are not the same as regular charged creepers.

That said, I did some work on the balancing. I decreased some of the spawn rates and buffed some of the equipment. Hopefully it should be more manageable.
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