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Modifications to server rules

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Minr Admin
Oct 28, 2013

Recently the staff agreed on a few minor changes to the rules, which will be listed out below. None of these are groundbreaking or sweeping changes. I see it as synchronizing what is written down with how we were already operating.

Full server rules are at: https://wiki.minr.org/Server_Rules

Based on the recent influx of free-camming, account swapping, and other related hacks, the following modifications to the suggested ban times have been made:
  • Suggested minimum ban length for account swapping: 9 months --> 18 months
  • Suggested minimum ban length for gameplay altering mods: 1 year --> 18 months

Note that these times are only suggestions, and staff may raise of lower them for individual cases as they see fit.

Addendum to "Exploiting glitches or shortcuts"
  • Using multiple accounts to gain unfair advantages in maps is considered an exploit.

Additional section under offenses: Alternate accounts has been split out of Account swapping as its own section:
  • Punishment: Banning of the alternate account + additional actions based on any other rules broken.
  • Alternate accounts are not allowed
  • We consider players at the person level, not account level
  • Dodging bans will only result in angering staff and longer ban times
  • Alternate accounts entering HC may result in additional punishments levied against the person
  • With permission from staff, greens may use alternates as part of the map-testing process, but for no other use

If you have any questions about these changes, please message me over the forums or on discord.



Occupation: Farmer
Oct 26, 2015
I like these changes, and think you guys are doing a fantastic job. :) It is much fairer than just not unbanning people...xD

What do you mean by "We consider players at the person level, not account level"?


Minr Admin
Oct 28, 2013
So if a player has multiple accounts, and gets banned on account A, their progress on alternate account B is considered invalid. This is mainly for when people are bypassing bans.
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