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Sep 9, 2014
Ok, you guys didn't realize what the whole thing I was thinking about that ban. I took all this time to tell the truth about the day I got banned and the day I helped TommyMonzter in HC. So here we go.

"Tommy, are you sure you want me to help you in HC? I don't think I can get caught and I know that you would enjoy being green!" I said. "Umm, of course! Can I play your computer while you do it for me?" Tommy asked. "Sure! I'll get you green very soon!" I replied. *Tommy gets on my computer and starts helping me with Team Fortress 2 without looking at his computer* I wonder how long this will take me, I thought. *30-35 minutes later* "Beat Hc1!" I typed on Tommy's charater. *5-10 minutes later* "Beat Hc2!" I typed. Hmmm, Aj thought. I think this sounds unusual. *20 minutes later* "Beat Hc3! :D" I typed. "I wonder which path I should choose....maybe civilaztion path.." I typed. *40 minutes later* "Beat hc4! :DD" I typed. *30 minutes later* "Beat Hc5!" I typed. Someone typed "Wow! Good job!" *25 minutes later* Beat Hc6!! What is hc7?" I typed. Someone typed," Ohh, the best map ever made! It is Sra." *45 minutes later* Beat Hc7!!!!!" I typed. Oh no, I thought. How am I gonna do hc8? Wait a minute, the answers were written on a page that SpookyBE told me! Thank God! *10 minutes later* "I did hc8 before when I was a whitie :p" I typed. *15 minutes later* "Uggh, this is so frustrating!" I typed. Shoot, this handwriting of mine sucks, I thought. This is so confusing! I left the game due to rage. 2 days later, I come back on. "Ok, let's try to do Hc8 again!" I typed. A mod screenshotted stuff suspicious. *50 minutes later* Finally, beat hc8!! :D" I typed. Someone asked how did TommyMonzter do it that fast, so I typed,"I am so lucky! DavidMonzter is my friend but don't worry! He didn't help me ;)" I typed. I tried to do hc9, but failed yet I forgot what to do there. So like a week later, I joined (My charater) "Hey guys!" I typed. "Can I play hc9 mimic with any greens or higher?" I asked. I think it was Mr_Destructo who did hc9 mimic with me. "So you know parts of this? Because I forgot what you're supposed to do. Mr_Destructo typed," Yeah I remember how to do this map". *30 minutes later* "Sweet! We beat hc9! (Well I finished by myself) The next day, I give it a try on hc9 again after beating hc8 again. *35 minutes later* "Beat hc9!!" I typed. Some people congratulated TommyMonzter. *15 minutes later* "Beat hc10!!!! :DDD" I typed. Many players congratulated TommyMonzter. 2 weeks later, is the day I got banned. I logged on. "Hi guys!" I typed. Hey, my pals said. Later that day, I was working on ch.2 of my map (AntLife). magicdem0n was helping me aswell. "Sorry, gtg I will be on tomorrow" magicdem0n typed. I agreed that I would be on tomorrow aswell. Later, Aj came on. This is where the scene took place of my ban. I was at ffa+ watching Creeper2685 go to hc10 and I was in the corner where the Retro Runner was. I asked Aj of how Tommy's promotion was going. He started msging me about suspecting it was me who helped him. Uh-oh, I thought. If I tell him the truth I know this is gonna be a quick ban. I'm going to try to escape this mess so he doesn't ban me. "I didn't help TommyMonzter at all!!!" I msged Aj. This was during the night when this occoured, and my brothers were at there friend's house. So I was lonely when this conversation came. "I don't wanna talk about this anymore" I msged him and left. 5 minutes later, I tried to join but of course, he caught me lying so he put for the ban "Lied to admin, Helped blue in HC" So I went to forums and lied about me having no idea what was going on. Of course, he denied and I tried 2 more times, yet they were denied quickly.

I'm not trying to say any of those things like "It's almost my birthday" and stuff like that, I just wanted to inform you guys what was going on in my life.



Oct 26, 2013
Re-opened for public viewing.

I don't like having to do this but i find that there is no alternative. Due to repeat ban appeal attempts that have been denied. Several accounts which have been created on the forum by yourself and now spamming utter nonsense with a thread like this.

What you don't seem to understand is that nobody cares @DavidMonster or @DavidMonzter or @davidmonzter@gmail.n or @davidmonzterxX or @DavidMonzterzz or @DavidMonzterzzX or @davidmonzzters. Your ban was denied, a decision was made and it's final.

Because you do not seem to be getting the message i will now be IP banning you from the forums and banning all of your accounts. Maybe then you will get the point. We are not interested in what you have to say, you broke our rules. now you suffer the consequences of your actions.
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