Mylar - A Piece of Server History

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Jul 26, 2016
Hey all! Recently, we uncovered something truly remarkable. It turns out that Minr was actually the successor to a different, very similar server! Earlier this month, while digging around an old hard drive, c_dric found a set of server files that belonged to an old server called Mylar. It is estimated that this server was created in August of 2010, and was active for about 3 months, until around the time that Minr came into being. According to c_dric's best recollections, this server, this server was set up in a very similar way to Minr, with the notable exception of there being no Hardcore system. After a lot of tedious and painstaking effort, we have ported a part of the original Mylar map into our own Zero map to allow you to explore a world that had, up until now, been lost to time. You’ll discover a selection of super old map-type builds, as well as an abundance of builds that date back to the beginnings of survival multiplayer itself.

Massive thanks to c for rediscovering this piece of Minecraft history, and the largest of thank yous to Ricky for helping with the very dicey process that was the file conversion. Please thank him the next time you see him!

To access Mylar, go to /warp mylar in-game, or look for the Mylar warp sign in the west end of spawn!


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Oct 27, 2013
Ho boy, can’t wait to check this one out!!!


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Mar 1, 2020
how do i join the server
Minr is available on Minecraft: Java Edition on the PC. Go to Multiplayer, Add Server, then enter the IP Address as . Hit save, then you should see the server pop up, double click to join the server.

If you are talking about Mylar, Mylar is not located on a separate server. You can access the small section of Mylar by going to to the West side at /spawn , there you will find a sign that will teleport you to Mylar.
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