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Suggestion New Command: “/c info”

Discussion in 'The Helpdesk' started by The_Fire_Ghoul, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. The_Fire_Ghoul

    The_Fire_Ghoul Minr Wiki Writer Greenie

    People constantly ask what type and difficulty the maps they hear mentioned are, and if they’re in the middle of a map and can’t look in spawn, there’s no easy way to check. A really convenient solution to this would be a new “/c info [map]” command. This would not only give the type and points of the map in question, but quite a few other bits of information as well.

    Here’s one possible format with each suggested piece:

    Information for [map]:
    Mapcode: [xxx]
    Type: [Pure/Mixed] [Parkour/Maze/Puzzle/Adventure] ([List of secondary types if the map is mixed])
    Points: [Points]
    Difficulty: [Very Easy/Easy/Novice/etc.] ([Corresponding color])
    Creator(s): [Creators]
    Mid-CPs: [Number of checkpoints between the start and end]

    Here’s a few examples:

    Information for Outpost:
    Mapcode: out
    Type: Pure Parkour
    Points: 25
    Difficulty: Expert (Black)
    Creator(s): henniboy321, Zatharel
    Mid-CPs: 3

    Information for Mario Parkour:
    Mapcode: mpk
    Type: Mixed Parkour (Includes Maze)
    Points: 7
    Difficulty: Medium (Yellow)
    Creator(s): joeincoolland, nuffie1000
    Mid-CPs: None

    Information for Detention 2:
    Mapcode: det2
    Type: Mixed Puzzle (Includes Parkour and Maze)
    Points: 12
    Difficulty: Hard (Orange)
    Creator(s): pieceofcheese
    Mid-CPs: 2

    Information for DOOM-ED:
    Mapcode: dd1
    Type: Adventure (Includes Puzzle, Parkour, and Mobs)
    Points: 6
    Difficulty: Varied (Purple)
    Creator(s): PacksofPages
    Mid-CPs: 5 (all separate levels)

    It doesn’t have to include all of these; I simply think something like this would be really convenient and handy.
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  2. Already exists for ops afaik.

    I don't think midcps should be shown. Additionally, while some of that stuff is tracked by the plugin I don't think it is accurate at all.

    I would support some /c getcode <map name> command though.
  3. The_Fire_Ghoul

    The_Fire_Ghoul Minr Wiki Writer Greenie

    The omission of mid-CPs makes sense, but why not points, types, and creators? Types and creators would have to be entered in once and will never change, and points I’m pretty sure can be tracked automatically. If not, they wouldn’t be hard to keep up with anyway.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  4. /c info already lists useful information such as creator, map type, difficulty level etc. However it also lists start and end signs locations which is not a wise idea to have public.
  5. The_Fire_Ghoul

    The_Fire_Ghoul Minr Wiki Writer Greenie

    What about a “/c mapinfo” command or something of similar name, which does the same thing but without the start and end sign coordinates?
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  6. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    We can just port /c info to greenies that shows less info. I was planning this as part of the command rework, but that'll take a bit to get implemented. If we want this asap, we can make something work though.
  7. The_Fire_Ghoul

    The_Fire_Ghoul Minr Wiki Writer Greenie

    That’s fine, it can definitely wait for the command rework. Thanks!

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