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Ninja Warrior XI


loves the culture
Oct 26, 2013
Hello, let's do Ninja Warrior for the 11th time!

Event Date:
January 19th, 2019 (Saturday)

Event Times and Conversions:
12pm - US Pacific
3pm - US Eastern
8pm - United Kingdom
9pm - Central Europe
Sunday 7am - Australia (NSW)
Sunday 9am - New Zealand

50$ Steam gift. As a reminder, you only get a prize if you finish all 4 stages of the Ninja Warrior course. You don't get the prize for going the furthest.

New Players:
Ninja Warrior here is based off the TV show of the same name, where you compete on a 4-stage obstacle course, hoping to complete all 4 courses in succession, in time. The rules work exactly the same as in real life - you get one "life", and you lose if you fall in the water (or time out!). That's more or less it, it's pretty simple; hopefully you'll stop by and give it a shot!

Sign-up Form:


Good luck everyone, and have fun!


loves the culture
Oct 26, 2013
To be frank, I don't know how many Ninja Warriors there will be left. The amount of time I can spend on this server is limited because of college (I'm more or less only active during the long breaks), which in turn means the amount of things I can do on this server is... also limited. It occurs to me I've been losing interest in Ninja Warrior, and I'd much rather be spending my time on Minr building on new, unique events. Ninja Warrior takes a lot of effort for me to maintain, and I just feel I don't have the drive to do it like I did in the past. We'll see where it takes me though.

That being said, there are plans for a new event series, so...

Stay tuned?

P.S. Do we prefer Roman or Arabic numerals for events that have multiple renditions of it (such as NW)?


Tinkering boomer
Oct 26, 2013
P.S. Do we prefer Roman or Arabic numerals for events that have multiple renditions of it (such as NW)?
I would go with Hindu-Arabic numerals. Roman is too archaic.

"The main differences between Roman and Hindu-Arabic numerals are that the Romans did not have a symbol for zero, and the placement of numerals within a number can sometimes indicate subtraction rather than addition. In the Hindu-Arabic number system, each digit in a number has a place value." (Source)


Rarely in a pickle!
Oct 7, 2016
I prefer Roman numerals, we have no need of a zero (there isn't going to be a zeroth NW) and it's much fancier.