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Ninja Warrior XIII - New decade = new era?


loves the culture
Oct 26, 2013
Hi all! Hope everyone is having a great Christmas and break, at least I am - it's good to finally be back after such a long semester of school. I was supposed to host another Ninja Warrior before the end of summer, but the timing didn't quite work out, so now here we are and I'm pleased to announce Ninja Warrior XIII, which would be the first Ninja Warrior of the new decade!

This competition features a heavily revamped course at a brand new location - I don't want to leak too much right now, but do be on the lookout for that. Here are the details of the event:

Event Date:
January 11, 2020 (Saturday)

Event Times and Conversions:
12pm - US Pacific
3pm - US Eastern
8pm - United Kingdom
9pm - Central Europe
Sunday 7am - Australia (NSW)
Sunday 9am - New Zealand

50$ cash prize. As a reminder, you only get a prize if you finish all 4 stages of the Ninja Warrior course. You don't get the prize for going the furthest.

New Players:
Ninja Warrior here is based off the TV show of the same name, where you compete on a 4-stage obstacle course, hoping to complete all 4 courses in succession, in time. The rules work exactly the same as in real life - you get one "life", and you lose if you fall in the water (or time out!). That's more or less it, it's pretty simple; hopefully you'll stop by and give it a shot!

Sign-up Form:
https://forms.gle/r4NxCEbyh1Me4hrp6 (Note: Please sign-up using this form if you are certain you can make it - it makes my job setting up the event easier on the day. However, if you are uncertain whether or not you can make it and would like to walk-in on the day of the event, that's fine too)

How does the competition work on the day?
At the start of the event, everyone is given a random number (except the people who placed top 3 last competition), which determines the order in which they will run. Player #1 runs first, followed by #2, and so on. This will be rounded out by the top 3 performers last competition, who will have the honor (or pressure, whichever way you look at it) of running last in the whole group.

Will we be able to practice the obstacles beforehand?
Sadly, no. All obstacles in this Ninja Warrior course are very straightforward, and should not require any special explanation. That being said, I will do a demonstration run prior to the beginning of every stage to clear up any potential confusions players may have. I definitely encourage people to recreate these obstacles in singleplayer/elsewhere on the server, however. The course will be open for viewing 48 hours prior to the event start time.

What happens if I lag out during my run?
We've had this happen before (especially back in the days when the server was more unstable). This seems to be less of an issue now, but shall a claim be made that a player lagged/had "lagback" during his run, I will make a decision on a case-to-case basis. If it is determined that there was a case of lag during a player's run, leading to them failing the course, I will grant a re-run. I hold the final decision on any of these disputes.


If there are any more questions regarding this event, please do not hesitate to leave a reply on this thread or to drop me a message in-game/through discord. Lastly, this would probably be the only event I can run this winter break, but I do hope to do at least one non-NW event over summer. Stay tuned, and hopefully I'll see you all on the 11th! Good luck!


Aug 15, 2018
Signed up, I'm excited to try another run at the course and to also have fun with everyone else!


Actually not that lucky
Sep 28, 2014
I'm not 100% certain if I can make it, so I won't use the link. Expect me to be there though, looking forward to it!