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Outpost Skip

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Trackpad Enjoyer
Sep 19, 2021
There's a skip in outpost which you can access from the start of the map which allows you to skip to checkpoint 2.

You can climb up the hill from the start and then by jumping on the leaf block in the screenshot, you can then make a fairly easy jump to the fence which is only one block high, jumping over it and into the upper section of the map starting at cp2. You can't get the cp from here but you can start from the first tree and complete the section since it's failsafed.

Fence block mentioned is at 1016 75 2575 and should be easily fixed with another fence added on top like the rest of the fence around it.



Nightmare Connoisseur
Jul 20, 2020
Impressive find! I spent a ton of time scouring these walls for money bags and never spotted that.
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