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Pearl (again)

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Active Player
May 23, 2019
So I know this has been addressed before, however I thought it was less possible to enderpearl glitch out of the map due to the timing of enderpearls. That being said the third enderpearl I threw clipped me out of the map. Once outside It's one quick enderpearl to the outside world. While patching the clip glitch might not be possible would it be possible to add the region flag that prevents teleporting out of the region? Or perhaps a very thick barrier wall? I feel as if it's too easy to escape this map, and with enderpearls and regen x a player can get to some dangerous places if they try.


Minr Admin
Oct 28, 2013
The lower/middle floor were already "proofed" for this by having barrier floors / walls / ceilings. The top floor was missing a ceiling. I have added 16 blocks to the wall's height and added a ceiling. I could not escape on a default account with ender pearls.


Jul 30, 2018
Ive broken out of this map 2 days ago even with the pearl cooldown. I was able to go outside to zombiekiler's area. I thought I reported this earlier, but I must've not. Thanks sull for making this thread.

Edit: It only too me 4 enderpearls.
I also think that if you remove the fact you can't die in the lava it would fix more.
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