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(Proven False) Abusive Mod

Discussion in 'Public' started by Frosto, Jan 19, 2019.

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  1. Ok, so i was playing with my buddy BladesOfWinter and we were talking in chat, i said nothing in any way inappropriate (check the chat logs) and then, this green man says that we need to keep the chat appropriate. I told him that i was not saying anything inappropriate and i do not like to be wrongfully accused. Another green man joined the conversation named Alpha something and he started to saying annoying things to me. Then, a mod appeared named CreepaShadow or something like that, and said to "play nice". I said, "ill play with my toys" and then i was muted. That was the only thing that could have possibly been taken as inappropriate, but even then I did not mean it in an inappropriate way and there was no possible way for him to know which way i meant it. I was just trying to say stupid things because i felt that the situation itself was quite ridiculous. Then, a little later, i was muted by CreepaShadow. My friend BladesOfWinter continued to defend me in the chat against this absolute abuse of power, and then the mod finally said, "Okay then join him" and muted BladesOfWinter aswell. BladesOfWinter said absolutely nothing inappropriate either (check the chat logs) he was just defending me. BladesOfWinter was only asking CreepaShadow to inform him of the exact reason that I was muted, but CreepaShadow refused to tell him, and then continued to mute him too. I would like this mod to be punished for his actions. I do not believe that people who will use their power for evil should be moderators. I do not even feel safe talking on this server anymore after this incident. Im sure whoever reviews this will take the mod's side on it, but just know that he is in the wrong, not me. You can check chat logs and if you truly believe i deserved to be muted then im starting to believe the entire server is corrupt. Thank you, and have a nice day. 2019-01-18_18.57.21.png
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  2. You were muted for 5 mins, to prevent a suspected argument from escalating. We don't punish mods, there was no excessive abuse of power here. Creepa does not need to explain his actions to anyone, nor is he obligated too.
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  3. Michael H

    Michael H New Fish Whitey

    Nah i agree with you bud, they're sensitive apparently.
  4. That does not change the fact that I should not have been muted in the first place. The argument did not escalate nor was it going to, also its minecraft how would the argument escalate? Youre telling me that muting someone for no good reason is not an abuse of power? And then muting another person for trying to defend them? You say that he does not need to explain himself to me but dont you think its a bit corrupt to take the side of someone who is muting people for disagreeing with them? You dont punish mods for taking advantage of their power and using it unfairly against those who have no power? I think thats absolutely ridiculous and you should be ashamed of these things taking place on your server, and im sure theres many sensible people who would agree with me. Even if you dont punish him, you could have apologized on behalf of his inappropriate behavior, but no. Just deny deny deny and say that he doesnt have to explain to me why i was wrongfully muted. As Michael said above, you guys are just being sensitive because you know youre in the wrong.
  5. You were being quite obnoxious
  6. Being obnoxious is not a good reason to mute someone. He muted BladesOfWinter for defending me too. Also, how is it obnoxious to defend myself against false accusations of saying inappropriate things? Alpha, i thought of it as nothing as friendly banter, and im sorry if you took it so personally but its not like i said anything remotely worthy of a mute. You guys are just being butthurt.
  7. Oh no I didnt take it personally lol, but its not my business what the mods do
  8. Lets look back at the beginning of the chat. No, you did not say anything really inappropriate as far as I can see (my apologies). I could tell it was just friendly banter, and I kinda joined in a bit. But blades going on and on defending you is what costed him, after all it was only a 5 minute mute so nothing much. Tbh this is a very silly thread, about a very minor thing, and in my opinion no one is in the real "wrong" here, I don't believe any consequences should be handed to anyone.

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  9. I can see you’re being very mature about it unlike other people, and I too believe it is quite a silly thread because this should not have happened in the first place. This could all have been avoided if Creepa wasn’t muting people without good reason. However, I don’t find it that silly anymore because I’m starting to realize how corrupt the people with power on this server are and I feel like obligated to say something about it. I know this probably won’t do anything useful seeing as the mods and admins are very closed-minded (not an insult, just a fact) but I can’t just be silent about this. I enjoy playing on this server and I hate to see people like Creepa going around and handing out mutes because he doesn’t like what people are saying to him, even though it’s not inappropriate. I fully understand that the mute was a short one, but that does not give him any excuse for his behavior. It’s more the fact that he even muted us to begin with that is infuriating, and the fact that even the admins believe it was a totally acceptable thing to do. So far I have not recieved an apology from any of the mods/admins involved, and it’s really just disrespectful to the people playing on your server. How can you show this little consideration for your players and still call yourselves “Minecraft’s oldest and best parkour server”? I can’t help but feel that at the end of all this I’m going to be punished severely for standing up for myself and the other victims involved, and if that happens, I want everyone to know how corrupt this server is.
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  10. Ajdj

    Ajdj TF2 Engineer Op

    So you have now accused one of the staff members of behaving rudely / being unjust to you, so I have spent the last few hours reviewing chat logs, and here's what I've found.

    Part 1: Chat Logs

    [18:37:05] [Async Chat Thread - #1711/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: did you just say vilbo
    [18:37:11] [Async Chat Thread - #1711/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: thats inappropriate
    [18:37:20] [Async Chat Thread - #1711/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: please refrain from being inappropriate language
    [18:37:55] [Async Chat Thread - #1711/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: please refrain from being an inappropriate language
    [18:38:09] [Async Chat Thread - #1711/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: please refrain dumbmutt
    [18:38:12] [Async Chat Thread - #1711/INFO]: BladesOfWinter: no but my dinkle is
    [18:38:24] [Async Chat Thread - #1711/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: whats a dinkle?
    [18:38:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [Discord] Dumbmutt: Aussies
    [18:38:28] [Async Chat Thread - #1711/INFO]: BladesOfWinter: u mom
    [18:38:30] [Async Chat Thread - #1711/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: are you being racist?
    [18:38:37] [Async Chat Thread - #1711/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: please refrain from being racist dumbmutt


    This is a combination backseat moderation, and attempting to start drama off of something that wasn't offensive. Vil Bo is the name of Hardcore level 9.

    In addition, I also found you:

    1. Harassing other players.
    [21:04:06] [Async Chat Thread - #1734/INFO]: JennBirdy: hi
    [21:04:15] [Async Chat Thread - #1734/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: jenn shush
    [21:04:22] [Async Chat Thread - #1734/INFO]: JennBirdy: jeez ok
    [21:04:28] [Async Chat Thread - #1734/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: only joke jenn
    [21:04:32] [Async Chat Thread - #1734/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: no need to get so worked up over it
    [21:04:33] [Async Chat Thread - #1734/INFO]: BladesOfWinter: don't say the lords name in vain


    2. Making jokes in poor taste

    [21:36:17] [Async Chat Thread - #1740/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: guys im gonna /kill myself

    3. Bringing up topics inappropriate for a public server (Even though others kept the topic going, that doesn't mean you should propagate it.)
    [21:39:33] [Async Chat Thread - #1740/INFO]: BladesOfWinter: I'm a girl with male genitilia
    [21:42:56] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: Schylah: Guys, keep the chat appropriate please
    [21:43:03] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: no
    [21:43:07] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: you keep the chat appropriate
    [21:43:13] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: i never said anything
    [21:46:15] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: how is it not civil

    [21:46:17] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: BladesOfWinter: we haven't said anything
    [21:46:21] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: its not like we are fighting
    [21:46:36] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: im just exercising my right to free speech
    [21:46:46] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: i never said anything inappropriate in chat
    [21:46:51] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: so i dont wanna be falsely accused

    Based on everything above, that last statement is a lie

    [21:46:36] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: im just exercising my right to free speech
    [21:46:46] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: i never said anything inappropriate in chat
    [21:46:51] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: so i dont wanna be falsely accused
    [21:47:04] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: Codion: Exactly i will take you too court for violating the 1st ammendement
    [21:47:21] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: BladesOfWinter: I will take the court to court for defiling this whole country
    [21:47:22] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: thems fighting words

    We are a private server, so free speech rules don't apply here. In addition, you have no damages so court is out of the option. You're either naive, trolling, or both.

    [21:50:13] [Server thread/INFO]: [Discord] CreepaShadowz: play nice
    [21:50:13] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: checkmate
    [21:50:20] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: oh ill play
    [21:50:22] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: BladesOfWinter: we don't play here
    [21:50:23] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: BladesOfWinter: we ball
    [21:50:25] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: BladesOfWinter: like ballers
    [21:50:27] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: with my toys
    [21:50:44] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: BladesOfWinter: I sell children's tylenol at my school
    [21:50:44] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: wouldnt you like to know alpha
    [21:50:46] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: or should i say
    [21:50:46] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: BladesOfWinter: I'm a god
    [21:50:47] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: beta
    [21:50:49] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: FrostoWasTaken: OHHHHHHHHH
    [21:50:53] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: BladesOfWinter: OOOOH
    [21:50:58] [Async Chat Thread - #1741/INFO]: BladesOfWinter: FOO' HE GOT YOU

    ^That's disrespecting staff, and ignoring his warning.

    Part 2: Relevant sections of the rules.

    Relevant quotes from the rules, located at: https://wiki.minr.org/Server_Rules

    "Punishment lengths are suggestions and staff are allowed to decrease / increase the severity of punishments as they see fit. Punishments are also considered based on the severity and frequency of the infractions. Repeated offenses may lead to permanent bans."

    "Harassing other players ... This is pretty self explanatory, don’t bother others if they asked to be left alone."

    Part 3: Conclusion

    It's obvious to the staff that you two are both close friends, but you're still expected to behave. Retorting at every turn like cartoon characters, and then having the other claim abuse when called out on it will not get you very far here, or in real life.

    Consider this your last warning to respect the rules.
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  11. I’m not going to say anything rude to you but I’m going to explain everything that you quoted, but you must realize that Creepa muted me solely based on the conversation about “genitalia” (which I did not really contribute to) and the fact that I was having friendly banter with alpha. Alpha even recognized that it was only jokes, as he stated in his comment above. I will now respond to the quotes you have posted. I don’t want you to get angry at me for doing this but I want you to understand where I’m coming from.

    Part 1: I was not backseat moderating, I was only joking, and while you can say that I was trying to start drama it was only about 30 seconds in the chat and I wasn’t trying to start anything, I was just poking fun at the people who constantly tell me to stop saying inappropriate things in the chat when I’m not saying anything particularly bad. I do agree with you that this was unneccesary, and I will try to refrain from it in the future.

    1: with jennybird that was obviously a joke, and I don’t even think they saw it as harassment. The part of the chat log that you left out said JennyBird: “lol ok” indicating that they knew it was a joke too and there was nothing further said in that conversation.

    2: I’m not sure what you mean by “poor taste” but I was referring to the difficult parkour that I was trying to beat. I fell somewhere and had to use the /kill command. I’m not sure if you’re saying I have bad humor or if it was an offensive joke, but I was merely stating what I was doing because I found the parkour course to be difficult.

    3: As I said above, I wasn’t actually involved in this conversation. Some dude asked if I wanted to have *** so I responded saying no and that was about it. Anything else in that conversation wasn’t really started by me.

    4: As you probably could tell, the freedom of speech thing was a joke. And you said you weren’t sure if we were trolling or naive. I wouldn’t call it trolling per se but it wasn’t serious. Some people have a different sense of humor than you guys and I don’t think you should take everything people say so seriously. Even if you think my sense of humor is stupid, that shouldn’t be the basis for your decisions whether to punish me.

    5. Creepas warning said to “play nice” although we were, so I don’t see how that’s ignoring his warning. I will say it again: me and alpha were having friendly banter and he even confirmed that in his earlier post.

    My post was too long so please continue and read the next post.
  12. I realize why you may think that we are immature, and you’re probably right, but almost everything you quoted was serious like you said it was. I know you’re picking through my chat logs because I’m sort of doing the same thing to Creepa but I still don’t see how this makes a difference in my argument. Creepa did not mute me because of the farther back logs, but instead because I had an opinion contrary to his. Even if he did look at my logs, I personally don’t see any real rule breaking in them. It’s mostly just me and my buddy messing around. I realize that the rules apply to everyone, including me, and I will try harder to try and respect them but I believe you’re smart enough to realize that most of the stuff you pointed out wasn’t anything worthy of punishment. Or at least maybe after I explained myself your opinion had changed. Either way, I’m not looking to provoke anybody, I just do not feel that I was muted by Creepa rightfully, and It feels like nobody with power is willing to listen to my concerns. I hope you don’t take this message in the wrong way, I’m only trying to defend myself and that’s the whole reason I created this post.
  13. It's a 5 min mute, get over it. If your opinion is that we are corrupt and staff abuse powers that's fine, you are well within your right to not play on the server.
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  14. I actually really love this server and the majority of the people on it. I just have an issue with some of the staff.
  15. Whilst our rules may be strict, unlike other servers we a 100% privately funded. We do not rely on player donations nor do we rely on player count. The community is created by the community, it's a system that has surpassed most servers in the history of MC and as such we have one of oldest maps still in use on minecraft aswell as some of the most uniquely part vanilla created puzzles, parkour and challenges available on minecraft. HC is there to filter out the time wasters. We may be quicker than most servers to ban but that's because what do we have to lose other than unruly players who have nothing to offer but trouble. I myself don't tend to beat around the bush and ban outright. It's common sense at the end of the day, do stupid things, win stupid prizes.

    If you want to come here and act belligerent and obnoxious towards players and staff this is not the community for you, we don't have much time for people like that. Crying mod and admin abuse to a server who's had these staff for up to 8 years won't get you very far either. As said previously you are within your right to not play on the server.
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