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Suggestion "Purple Coin" Permanent Challenge

Discussion in 'The Helpdesk' started by maukamauka, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. maukamauka

    maukamauka New Fish Greenie


    You know the purple coin event? Wanted to suggest an idea for a variant of that, except as a permanent challenge available on the server (like hexa). Where there's a "purple coin" or whatever name fits hidden somewhere on each map, and players have to find them. Except instead of disappearing once someone finds it, it stays there. So the end goal changes from collecting the most coins to being the first to find the coin on every single map.

    I think this could be a fun challenge to work on, especially for older players who have beaten most of the existing stuff. Would also allow more cruel coin placements, and a way to make the game last longer. Thoughts?
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  2. This sounds like fun :D. It would be a good idea to keep doing this because people would be more excited when new maps are made so they could look for the purple coin in that map.

    It might be hard for the event creator to hide that many coins. Could the map creator put coins in there map because they would know where secret places are and the event creator won't have to put a coin in every map.
  3. hi529

    hi529 New Fish Greenie

    Maybe not 'first to find the coin' because only one player can ever have that. Maybe randomize the coin between a few locations and have it be 'fastest to find the coin'
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