Question About Sharing an Internet Connection


New Fish
Mar 13, 2022
Hello, I was looking around on the website last night after taking a look at the updates to the rules, and I was curious about what was in the application for green. I noticed that it asks, "Did you account swap or share an internet connection with any other minecraft player?" My fiancé (his minecraft username is RykirM99) and I often use the same internet connection whenever we visit each other, and I often play on minr on his computer but on my account whenever I do not bring my own computer when I visit him. I always make sure I play on my account and he plays on his because I am aware that playing on someone else's account is not allowed. Is sharing an internet connection or using the same computer against the rules as well?


The Anti-Navigationalist
Oct 29, 2017
Hey noodle!

It’s totally ok to play on the same internet connection/computer as long as you use your own account. If/when you apply for Green you can write in your application what you said here so we know it’s two separate people playing in the same place.