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Resolved Random Scrolling on Wiki

Discussion in 'The Helpdesk' started by rmanimal, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. rmanimal

    rmanimal Elite parkourist / MOTW coordinator Op Board

    Recently, I've been updating the wiki so it isn't outdated in multiple aspects of the server (some pages are nearing a year old), but I've been running into the problem that the page will randomly start scrolling downward when I'm not moving the mouse wheel or pressing an arrow key. The weird thing is that it never scrolls upward and doesn't stop sometimes when hitting the bottom of the page (making it impossible to click the Edit icon), leading me to believe that it's likely a bug. Is there perhaps a chance that this could be resolved?
  2. Have you tried an different browser?
  3. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    Hmm, there's a lot wrong with the css, I just started reworking some pieces, but im not well versed enough to understand this issue. Any specific way to reproduce?
  4. rmanimal

    rmanimal Elite parkourist / MOTW coordinator Op Board

    One consistent vertical scrolling thing that happens is when you scroll up from the "Latest Update" section on the main page
  5. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    Interesting, inspect element seems to constantly update the navbar.

    I also found an issue relating to our issue:

    We use the chameleon skin, so I'll update that and see if it's resolved.
  6. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    And I broke the entire site, oops :,)
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  7. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    I fixed this by adding:
    overflow-anchor: none;
    to the body css. Should fix the issue.

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