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Resolved Resetting your time in Minr Golf


Aug 15, 2018
You are able to abuse a teleport script in the map Minr Golf in order to cut off a significant portion of your completion time in the map. Video showcasing how to do this can be found here:

Unfortunately in the video itself it is somewhat hard to see what actually happens so here's a small explanation. What you do for this bug is you jump and throw the item up into the air to where it'll hit the pressure plate with the teleport script down below, and while you are waiting for the item to hit the pressure plate, you can re-join the map, hit the checkpoint sign at the beginning to reset your completion time, and then get teleported to the start of Hole 10 when the item hits the pressure plate. I believe that the #1 and #2 times on the leaderboard for this map may have either used this bug to achieve their times, or co-oped their speedruns.


Cute Cat UwU
Feb 7, 2016
I would still like the minecraft skip at hole 17 to be removed as showed in a thread I posted earlier that hasn't been responded to even though it's been there for over a month. In fact there's a bunch of threads in the shortcut section that have just been ignored, would like to have them checked thanks