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Published Retro Valley has been released to Free for All

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Oct 25, 2013
valley.jpg Retro Valley

Retro valley is a new parkour map designed by SIkye. His idea was to create a simple style parkour for new players with the intent for Blue - Very Easy Ranking. After being reviewed the map was given a Green - Easy rating.

The simple palette use of terracotta gives the map a retro feel.

With frequent arrow frames guiding the way to the next jump, this will surely help players on their journey. This is a great map for new players and enjoyable for all parkour enthusiasts.

Quotes about the map:

The map is beautiful with the pallet that it has.
Absolutely interesting visuals, really brings me into the style of the map to come.
Really fun, quick map. Not too hard, not too easy. Would be a great map for speedrunning
The use of arrows helps make sure that the player always knows where to go
To join this map type: /c join rtv

Map creator: SIkye

The map type is Parkour

The map Difficulty is: Easy
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