Rules Update — Refactoring the Rules

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Minr Admin
Oct 28, 2013
Hello everyone!

With feedback from the rest of the staff team, the rules have finally been refactored for the first time since 2017!

Q: Why are the rules numbered?
After multiple meetings with other staff members, we drafted a primary set of ideals for the server that more specific rules were derived from. These are now the numbered rules that are found at the top of the page. Further down the page are the specific breakdowns per rule. Much of this content is similar to what was under the old rules. This also makes it easier to refer to the rules by number in chat, ban messages, or ban appeals.

On a related note, the suggested appeal times have also been merged into a table with suggested lengths per each rule. This should improve the readability of the breakdown section.

Q: Why change the rules?
The actual rules of the server are mostly unchanged. The end goal in reformatting the rules was for them to be easier to read and understand. The number of edge cases and specific rules that have been added over the years resulted in a large amount of bloat, making it difficult to find specific rules.

Thank you to the several admins who have lent me their ear in the last several months (and the few of you that I’ve pestered for a few years about this), as well as all the staff that helped draft these rules together in the meetings that took place earlier this year!

As always, the full server rules can be found on the wiki:

If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer below.

-AJ & The Minr Staff Team!
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