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Rules Update

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Minr Admin
Oct 28, 2013
Hello everyone,

I have published an update to the server’s rules that myself and the staff team have been drafting for some time. None of these changes are new or radical; From my perspective, most of this is bringing the document up-to-speed on how the staff team has been enforcing the rules recently.

In summary, these are the major changes:
  • Redid the wording on minimum ban length to suggested appeal time. This phrasing was confusing, and this more accurately reflects how the times should be viewed.
  • Lowering 18-month appeal suggestions (Account swapping / hacking) to 12 - We aren't really enforcing bans that long for those infractions.
  • Revised all chat related offenses to be up to 1-month temp bans for the first infraction. Repeated offenses will still escalate to indefinite bans. This move makes us more consistent with other large servers, and more closely matches how we have been enforcing lower-level chat problems in recent times.
  • Added definitions / context for shortcuts vs skips vs exploits, and how we expect to handle each one. This was the result of several staff discussions on the subject.
  • Added section on abuse of elevated privileges for greenies. This section was added in response to several events that occurred over the last year. As I stated in this section: “The intent of this section is to affirm that greens need to tackle published maps fairly.”
  • Added additional information about 3rd+ ban appeals, as we have now had 2 or 3 of them in the server's history. This is another instance of catching up the document to what has been practiced.
There are also a few minor changes that were made as well:
  • A few QoL / Language / Hyperlink changes & additions.
  • Added clarification that the server’s rules also applied to discord on that page.
  • Slight clarification on what working together in a map looks like.
  • Removed all references to the second person (You / Your).

As always, the full server rules can be found here:


In addition, the difference of the previous version to the current version can be found here:


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading,
AJ / The MINR Staff Team.


Rarely in a pickle!
Oct 7, 2016
I would like to ask a few questions prompted by the chat on discord today (these all obviously are only about parkour, not maze nor puzzle):

If somebody has completed a map, and they are in survival, they are allowed to type /call and help somebody else with parkour?
If somebody has *not* completed a map, and they are in survival, they are also allowed to type /call and help somebody else with parkour?

If somebody has completed a map in creative, they are *not* allowed to /call and help somebody else?
And for the sake of asking, even though the answer is probably no,
If somebody has not completed a map, they are again not allowed to /call and help somebody else.

And one more question:
Am I allowed to use creative to watch people playing my own maps, as long as they give me their permission?

I'm using the forums for these so that the answer will be much more permanent.


Minr Admin
Oct 28, 2013
Related - The following question was asked on discord:

The new rule says creative in published maps is completely forbidden. At the moment, many people ask others for advice on how to do hard parkour jumps. This entails someone who has beaten the map /call’ing you (often being in creative, so they can easily show how to do the jump without having to repeatedly /call).

The player in the map should be in adventure / survival - that hasn't changed.

The person giving parkour assistance should also be in adventure / survival - They should not be in creative either. The end goal of this rule change was to eliminate creative in maps.


Bird Enthusiast
Mar 2, 2019
How do the rules apply when considering board maps or maps one created?


Active Player
Nov 18, 2018
It's in the rules as published maps, I think creative in board maps is fine as we used to be able to rocket there, lower to green has no access to it and it grants no completion. (however flying above a maze in a board map to find a route is probably not a good idea)


Active Player
Mar 11, 2018
Just for sake of better understanding, what's the goal of removing creative from published maps? Other than just being good practice, of course. Does it help with detecting people flying in a non-legitimate way?
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