Skip in Transmute Level 20 - 'Flower Power' and potential exploit


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Jul 17, 2021
Upon turning the red tulips into red wool, it is possible to hit the 'pink tulip -> pink wool' sign and end the level prematurely. It would be wise to put a barrier in to prevent this.

Also, when I had completed Level 20 the unintended way (and partially completed Level 21), I used /kill to go back to the start to find out what the real solution is. I finally reached and completed it again, and found that Level 21 was still in its partially completed state. This means that would be possible to achieve an insanely fast speedrun time:

1. Complete levels 1-24 but do not hit the finish sign. Instead, /kill yourself to go back to the start, ensuring Level 24 is in a completed state next time you get to it.
2. Complete levels 1-23 but do not step on the Level 23 gold block. Instead, /kill yourself so Level 23 is also in a completed state.
3. Repeat for levels 1-22, 1-21, 1-20... until you get to Level 1. This means that every level has already been completed when you get to it.
4. Run onto the gold blocks for each level to complete the map in about a minute.

To prevent this, you could either reset the room when you enter it, or disable /kill and /spawn and put in quit buttons that reset the level when you use them.


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Mar 31, 2020
@AK1089 @Dobby728 Tagging you 2 since you're the most activate out of the group. Fixing all the setups would take a bit of time, not sure if it's truly worth it. I also don't remember level 20 too well, I think you should definitely consider patching it if it's easy to pull off


May 29, 2020
The lack of resetting the next room when you beat a level was completely intentional because it would be awful if you were far into a late level and someone came behind you and reset it, but removing kill/leaving commands and adding a quit button works fine as a solution - I’ll look into changing that probably later this evening as I’m not currently home.

In terms of level 20 I’ll talk to Spawned because he created the level and with the map being made over a year and a half ago I don’t remember the level particularly well.