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Resolved Skipping Final Room of Night Light


Friendly Assassin Sheep
Feb 7, 2016
Alright, so in the final room of night light (The one where you trace the emerald platforms until you eventually reach the end) you can actually just go straight for the final platform without swapping the locations once and it still works. I haven't used it but I know some of the top times do. (Sorry Ricky, I thought people already knew and it was just accepted, pretty dumb of me)


Board Man
Jul 26, 2016
Yikes I forgot I used skips here. If you solve the last room up until the final pressure plate is spawned and restart the map, when you join the final room again it will reset everything in the room EXCEPT the final pressure plate, which will hover in midair above normal block iirc. So you can basically set up the map to let you skip the entire last room. AS WELL, the rocket upwards in the building to get to the large dark room actually gives you enough momentum to propel yourself over the barriers around the building, allowing you to skip the entire room. Those are the two skips, they should probably both be taken out. Zomb and I's times very much used those huge skips.


Boring Turtle
Jan 5, 2014
Barriers are now extended to the roof. Temporarily fixed the last part, though it will probably have to be re-fixed in 1.13. Times for zom and hex removed, as for the others I'm not sure which times are legit and which aren't