Some Go-To Jazz Songs For Good Vibes


off the rails!!
Jul 26, 2019

Jazz isn't the most approachable genre. It's a weird genre that is a passion to some, and to others every song sounds the same :eyes:

However, I love the genre and have some great tunes I always turn to when I need a pick-me-up. Here's 10 jazz songs you might hear me cue up in a vc when I'm feeling jazzy, or stuff I enjoy on my own time. Happy listening!

Remember - Hank Mobley "Soul Station"

Days of Wine and Roses - Oscar Peterson Trio "We get Requests"

Free Your Mind - Jazzmeia Horn "Love and Liberation"

Kathy's Waltz - Dave Brubeck "Time Out"

My Romance - Guido Basso, Joey Defrancesco, Lorne Lofsky, Vito Rezza "One Take, Vol 1"

Someday My Prince Will Come - Miles Davis "Someday My Prince Will Come"

517 - Kirk MacDonald "The Power of Beauty - A Tribute to Stan Getz"

Social Call - Benny Benack III "A Lot of Livin' To Do"

I Can't Give You Anything But Love - Caity Gyorgy "No Bounds"

The Best Thing For You Would Be Me - Bill Charlap "All Through The Night"

Got a favourite? Want to hear more of a specific artist/style/jazz in general? Hit me up, I love talking about the stuff and have albums for days.
Thanks for checking these out, hope you enjoy :D