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Stapes - The Basement EP

Discussion in 'Music' started by CornFish, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. CornFish

    CornFish Ronald McDonald Greenie

    Hey guys! So, I've been quite inactive this past year, mostly because my band and I have been working on growing and becoming an actual band. This past week we released our first EP, and it would mean a lot to me if a couple of you checked it out and let me know how you feel! It seems most people want to compare us to The Strokes, so if you enjoy their music, you might find something you like. Thanks!

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  2. Wow really great stuff, i can definitely hear the similarities with the strokes. Best of luck on your endeavours. A friend of mine went big in their band scouting for girls. Managed to get signed by sony so it's certainly possible, get your content out there!
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  3. Metsune

    Metsune Resident Sleeper Greenie

    Very strokes-esque. Enjoyed this quite a bit. Like chillers said keep putting your self out there. i'll buy your debut lp..
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  4. Zatharel

    Zatharel The Lion Op Board

    Heard the first couple of tracks and I can already see where the strokes comparisons are coming from, lol.

    Short version is I like it, especially Boardwalk which you cleverly made a single, but I have some suggestions that I'll write up when I get home the end of this week.

    I've followed you on both spotify and instagram. Also I'll join in with pol and buy your debut LP when it's out. Keep goin!
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