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Suggestion Collection - Checkpoint Modes

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Maze Connoisseur
Apr 21, 2014
I tend to make a lot of suggestions, but usually in direct messages to a few people. In an effort to remember what I have said and open up feedback to more people, I will put all the ones that I remember here. This list will be split up into four different threads for a more accurate discussion.

Checkpoint Modes

- Disable commands automatically changing your checkpoint mode from FFA (or HC) to Home
It is incredibly frustrating when you forget to do /c toggle, then die or do /kill and suddenly respawn at world spawn (which happens to be the old spawn). There is no practical benefit to this, doing /c toggle immediately after executing an offending command would negate it. However, it would be easier if we didn't have to do this at all. Commands would still invalidate your time.

- Replace "HC" mode with "Home" mode with /c toggle for Greens
Following on from the above, there are a few players who still play survival should have access ti the "Home" mode. No reason to ditch it completely (just make it not trigger in often-occurring unwanted circumstances). The HC mode is completely useless for Greens however. It either spawns you at X, or kicks you back to spawn with an invalid cp.

- Rename "HC" mode to "Hardcore"
Less unnecessary arcane acronyms would be nicer.


Rarely in a pickle!
Oct 7, 2016
I agree with everything but the last.

I don't think we need to go through minr replacing HC with hardcore.
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