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Event Survivor Island!


Rarely in a pickle!
Oct 7, 2016
Delta certainly dealt a brief resurgence into the Survival gameplay on minr, and like the superbright pre-nova stars we are, we burnt out.

Before the Greeks even came up with this fourth letter of their alphabet, however, I set plans for my own survival event: Survivor Island, (based on the gameshow like other hit minr events).

The event consists on two separate landmasses, the "event" island, and the "play" island.

The rulers are simple:

At the start, all players will be teleported to the event island, for a scavenger hunt in order to receive a boost on the main game.

The winner of this scavenger hunt, will then teleport to the "play" island, and start their normal minecraft gameplay with a handy dandy secret item bonus. All future players will then need to find this hidden button to teleport to the play island.

The goal is simple: to amass as many different item materials over the course of the three-hour long event.

Will you choose to make a rainbow arsenal, with 16 of each colorable item, or rush into the nether, progressing and looting as much as you can.

Of course, since this event is also for our blues and whities, you may NOT leave the designated islands, nor bring in materials from theta.

But wait, that's only one island!

Every 15 minutes or so, or whenever the host (that's me) deems fit (with a minimum of fifteen minutes between each one), a mini-event will happen on the "event" island. This can be anything from a parkour race to a sand-castle building contest to fifteen straight minutes of you guys complimenting me! The winners of these mini-events will get items to further their collection!

Pack your sunscreen, and save the date!

Grab yourself a slice of cake, eight years old is pretty big. Minr's in what, third grade? (Happy birthday minr!)

The date is Saturday December 22nd, 2018
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