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The best parkour server in minecraft

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Oct 26, 2013
Zero.minr.org is the best parkour, maze and puzzle server in Minecraft. Not to mention it is the longest running in Minecraft of it's type. We offer a large selection of parkour maps with difficulties for all parkour enthusiasts. Each parkour is unique to our server specially designed by our membership so you can expect a new experience every time. But it doesn't stop there! Aside from our wide range of parkour maps, we also have a good chunk of mazes and puzzles.

All maps are thoroughly tested and reviewed by membership before being released to public.

The server is unique and one of kind. We do not accept any donations and have a unique membership entry which entails members needing to complete our Hardcore tasks. On completion all players logs are a reviewed to ensure that they completed Hardcore legitimately. Once promoted player can expect to join a membership of enthusiastic map creators and a community that is second to none on minecraft.

Zero.minr.org is recognised as one of the top minecraft servers by pcgamesn and recognised as the 3rd oldest running minecraft server according to oldest.org

IP is zero.minr.org

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