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The MINR Shader Album


Minr Admin
Oct 28, 2013
So over the summer, I experimented with how shaders made the game look. For those who don't know, shaders change the games lighting engine, allowing for more robust lighting and shadows.

For example, consider this unshaded (bright lighting) shot vs a shaded picture from nearly the same spot:



While most of the server's promotional material (PMC posts, videos, etc.) are not able to feature the breadth of the server's content, I wanted to do something that could.

With that in mind - I'm proud to present the MINR Shader Album!

Huge thanks to Bailey and other staff members for going through these pictures and giving feedback on which to use and which maps to rework.

The following imgur link is a tiny sample of the album so you can get a feel for what the pictures look like.

The full 700+ picture album can be found here - You can view the images with the built in browser or download the entire folder.

If you are interested the unwatermarked photos for maps that you created, please contact me.

A quick Q&A for those that may want more details:

What shader did you use? - Kappa v2.2.
How long did this take? - Several hours out of every weekend since July, Easily over 100 hours of taking and editing pictures.
Will this set be maintained past the 10 year anniversary? - Unlikely, as this took up way too much time.
How many pictures were cut during the quality control process? - Over 2000 - Several maps also got their shots retaken several times before finding ones I was happy with.


Minr Admin
Oct 28, 2013
Unfortunately that shader pack struggled to maintain a smooth 30 FPS on my machine (RX 580 8GB), you'll need some beefy hardware to run it. Switching to a solid state drive also helped with this.


New Fish
Sep 21, 2020
Yeah, I'm taking some hits but nothing that's really bothersome. Turned it off when doing Spk and the lava bridge in Elur because every fps counts for those : P