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Resolved The Pumpkin Lord

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Aug 29, 2015
This map is broken and this is a list of the things I have found. All the skips listed (unless otherwise specified) have been successfully done.

In the section with the skeleton horse, there are barriers all around the inner edge to stop you from using it earlier. However, the vines on the other side are not like this. There are various ways this breaks because of horse parkour:
  1. By using the horse to jump up the vines on the walls high enough, you can get on top of the map and escape entirely. This can most likely be performed in any of the horse sections, although I've only tested the end of the horse area by scaling the arch first.
  2. By scaling the vines next to the checkpoint, you can go backwards and over a barrier wall to get into the end of the section, skipping it. (0:00 in the video. I did not keep the horse alive, although it is possible.)
  3. After using the above skip, you can move the horse into several sections in which it can be grabbed from earlier in the map (mostly via water, slabs, and other partial blocks).
  4. While I have not successfully achieved it, it should theoretically be possible to bring the horse over the inner barrier wall and into water to get it earlier on in the map (which would allow skipping most of it).
Besides the horse, you can skip the cave section by going around the edge of the ledge (0:31). I think the cave section is pretty hard, so entirely skipping it seems unfair.

Finally, a fairly large area can be skipped by using the red blocks from a gravestone (1:45). This skips a few trees and some ghosts, although it is not as large a skip as the others.
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