The Puzzle Path is Removed from Hardcore

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Jul 26, 2016
With the release of 1.14, many maps will break. One of the most notable of these is Miner's Millions, as a few of the levels will no longer function due to crafting changes. Due to this, and due to the low traffic of the puzzle path, we are removing the puzzle path from Hardcore on or near Monday the 17th. While in most cases being able to play maps that are currently in Hardcore is not a motivation to remove them from Hardcore, this is a very special case. Any blues that wish to complete hardcore using this path must do so before the given time. If you are still in the puzzle path, we will convert your checkpoint to the main path as follows:
Puzzle 1 (The Varied 11) -> Main Path 4 (Funkytown)
Puzzle 2 (Viemort) -> Main Path 6 (Lava Maze)
Puzzle 3 (Miner's Millions) -> Main Path 8 (MYTH)
Puzzle 3 Checkpoint 2 or 3 (Miner's Millions Level 11 or futher) -> Main Path 9 (Vil Bo)
If you are in the puzzle path after the 17th, your spot in Hardcore may be removed. If this happens, do not replay Hardcore. Instead, post that you need your checkpoint to be transferred here, or contact a staff member for assistance. We will do transfers of your Hardcore checkpoint at the minimum until the end of July, and possibly longer on a case-by-case basis.


Nov 18, 2013
The puzzle path has now been fully removed from Hardcore.

Your (Puzzle Path) Hardcore checkpoint should automatically convert to the corresponding Main Path location, as described in the post above.
If this conversion failed, or you lost your Hardcore checkpoint for any other reason, please reply to this thread to reclaim your spot in Hardcore.

The Puzzle Path maps and Loopback maps will be transferred into FFA shortly.
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